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[FR/EN] VAT & Government Income : quick update (day 1844)

Dan 1,844, 18:15 Published in Canada Kanada s strani SpockPQ

Voici une mise-à-jour expresse sur les revenus du gouvernement. Pour plus de détails, veuillez consulter le lien ci-bas.

Here is a quick update on the government income. For further details, please click on the link below.


Les revenus du gouvernement ont augmenté de 22% seulement depuis le dernier changement aux taux de taxation (qui ont été augmentés de 50% ou plus).

Government income has increased by 22% only since the last change in the tax rates (which have been increased by 50% or more).



TemujinBC Dan 1,844, 18:31


Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Dan 1,844, 18:42

We also lost 20 active citizens. Had we maintained levels, or gained population we certainly would see a higher result.
I am trying to find a good way to measure the impact a single, "average" citizen makes through tax revenue for eCanada.

SpockPQ Dan 1,844, 18:43

@Bryan Alexander

What I would do if I had more time would be to compare several countries with the data you sent me by private message.

SpockPQ Dan 1,844, 18:45

For instance, I would compute the average income / citizen for several countries, and compare with tax rates and resources bonus.

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Dan 1,844, 19:34

So, you'd do say....Average Income / Active Citizens for a income to citizen average? Then use that number as a basis of comparison on their tax levels?
The only issue I am really seeing is that it would be hard to really equate a fair comparison among taxes/who is active.

I mean...say we have 4,000 daily income, and 400 "active" fighters. I don't think we can stand to reason that on average each person contributes 10 CC.

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Dan 1,844, 19:37

What about non fighters who work? Fighters who purchase food to supplement weapons, or vice versa, or both? What about fighters who purchase nothing as it is all covered by MU?

If I log in and fight with MU supplies, and work in a slave pit for 1 CC, I have really only contributed income tax, which would be 0.01 CC.

That's my major quandary right now; most accurate results possible.

I want to write up a report on this...perhaps a survey of eCanadian consumerism?

chriswen Dan 1,844, 20:08

It seems like we're always losing active citizens. So, whats the deal.

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Dan 1,844, 20:10

We lost a lot stemming from the wipe Poland gave us. Never really been able to make up any ground after that.
I feel we need to be more prominent internationally to get some more attention and attract active players. How to do that however, I am unsure.

Plugson Dan 1,844, 20:57


-Production Bonuses

-Natural Enemy True Patriot Points

-Exciting Wars of Conquest

-Smart and Helpful Players (such as those in this article)

hey, at least we can have 1 out 4 : )

George Beeman
George Beeman Dan 1,845, 07:55

We're only making 4k CAD/day?

We need to go to war.

And hike income taxes.

SpockPQ Dan 1,845, 11:44

Comments about the analysis of government income that BryanAlexander presented in open doors congress:


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