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My Take on Australia Leaving EDEN

Ziua 1,471, 04:56 Publicat în Australia Australia de Tim_Holtz

Good Riddance to bad Rubbish I say.
To Those of you who don’t know it, I was actually the chief supporter of EDEN in Australia 6 months ago.

I actually thought that although EDEN looked bad now it will pick up, it was just a rough patch.

I was Wrong. EDEN has proven to be great liars and deceivers.

EDEN is Different from when Australia joined it. It was once about the Brotherhood and Friendship. Now it’s about servicing the few strong countries and using Smaller Countries as bait to drain damage away.

That’s not even the worst of it. Corruption. It is deeply entrenched within EDEN HQ.

EDEN claims to have democratic Elections but it’s interesting that when Australia has a Candidate for a military position and has gathered support with other countries that suddenly the Australian President isn’t allowed to enter the Summit IRC room. Mighty coincidental I say. Someone who wants to change the pathetic attitude of EDEN for the better and suddenly Australia is excluded from voting in an alliance that claims democracy.

How about complete incompetence from the HQ?

For a week Australia argued with the SC and various others about letting our representatives into the channels for military communication and all that. Somehow the EDEN HQ argued that they had added them to the channel. They still couldn’t join. After investigation I found out why. Apparently people aren’t taught to read in Eastern Europe. Somehow Scotty is the same as scottty. For a week Australia tried to tell them it was wrong. And guess what. EDEN didn't listen.

12 months of complete hell and promises of help.

I don’t get how the 35843296548935670493th battle for Southern Serbia is more important than the Entire nation of Australia. I really don’t understand. An Offensive battle that has no hope of being won, won’t be kept because its only being won because Serbia is beating someone else up. It’s going to be lost tomorrow anyway.

Oh and this is nothing to do with resources. If you know anything about Australia in the last 12 months you will know resources mean nothing to us.

Token Support in a battle isn't help. its 1-2 BH hunters trying to get gold, not support from EDEN. Whenever a priority comes our way (once in a blue moon) its Terra that comes to our Aide not EDEN

Don't get me wrong there are some countries in EDEN that have proven themselves to be amazing such as China and Greece.

What about Brotherhood?

What I have seen for the last 12 months of access to EDEN channels is not Brotherhood, I wouldn’t even call it friendship. Its Australia genuinely fighting in battles for EDEN and then that not being reciprocated.

Being Abused for not putting some battle in Turkey as our Campaign of the Day (again with the offensive battles) over our only region and Capital is bullshit.

I feel compelled to paraphrase George Orwell “Everyone is Equal, but some are more Equal than others”

ex Australian President x1
ex Deputy President x2
ex Minister of Foreign Affairs x8
ex Minister of Defence x2



Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Ziua 1,471, 04:59

Tim, this must have been like losing you're favorite child to the ex.

Respect your frankness.


Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Ziua 1,471, 05:03

Well said Tim.

To our true allies, we will never forget what you have done and always be there when you call us.

regen Ziua 1,471, 05:16

= 3

qriepiek Ziua 1,471, 05:21

“Everyone is Equal, but some are more Equal than others”

like this ...

Gregus Hedvik
Gregus Hedvik Ziua 1,471, 05:28

I've fought many times for Australia. Hail Terra! o/

gyika Ziua 1,471, 05:34

in this brotherhood you are the smallest brother.
get used to it.

Nosyt Ziua 1,471, 05:50


Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Ziua 1,471, 05:53

We might seem as a nation, to other countries, as weak, truth is that's bullshit, when we hit we usually have many in the top 5, hell we even have a God of War ...

The truth is our "enemy" is Indonesia, the same country that is able to cripple countries like USA and Brazil, with our limited numbers we are forced into submission, we don't have the support of EDEN (Europe) ...... pound for pound we hold a pretty damn tough fight.

Neutrality will be our biggest tester yet but with the neglect felt from EDEN we have no choice but to weigh up our options, who knows what the future holds, but at this stage we simply can't afford to pay money and allegiance to a system self centered on it's own agenda.

Zoli Ziua 1,471, 05:55

Cialdini is unknown in Eastern Europe, do not expect reciprocity.

vingaer Ziua 1,471, 06:01

nothing has changed in edenix within past 2 years I see 🙂

Sir Winston S Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill Ziua 1,471, 06:05

Form a new Alliance and invite India, from little acorns and all that 😉

navincharles Ziua 1,471, 06:14

Yea, form an alliance, I say!!!

DaMaZz Ziua 1,471, 06:20


vladb Ziua 1,471, 06:23

The ONE troll patrol is here I see .

Sorry to see eAustralia leave ,hope they will have better future in another alliance .

At the same time if you look all EDEN countries are in bad shape now .

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Ziua 1,471, 06:59

As a former DoFA colleague, I bloody approve this message!

Binda33 Ziua 1,471, 07:04

Thanks for posting this Tim

Huazel Ziua 1,471, 07:10

congrats o7

klump Ziua 1,471, 07:27

i am glad to see eAustralia leave, hope you will have better future.

infin Ziua 1,471, 10:06

It took you this long to figure it out...

Australia was only ever a place for EDEN to wage war when it suited them.

ToHisWorld Ziua 1,471, 10:49


JyM22 Ziua 1,471, 13:04

IMO, for small countries neutrality is the best option because you can negotiate a deal with the empire next door, keep some of your regions and still fight for allies you care about (and only the ones you care about).

Canester Ziua 1,471, 13:15


Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Ziua 1,471, 13:17

come to ONE

Gabor Alattyan
Gabor Alattyan Ziua 1,471, 13:19

It is very sad to read this, even if it's happening on the other side .. Well thank you for sharing this with us, at least from now on we can see things clearer. also, True comments above o7

Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Ziua 1,471, 15:03

Good article.

alimilano Ziua 1,471, 15:28

sadly, but i must say you are right in everything you wrote

Greatmoff Ziua 1,471, 15:56

This is a good thing for eAustralia. There is no point in being in an alliance that doesn't value you. You only seem to get support when Indonesia was attacking Brazil or the USA and then it was as a means to an end rather than treating you as an end in yourself.

Whilst it might pain you or bruise your pride if you want to exist as a long term independent country your best bet is neutrality and to work with Indonesia. When they are so much larger than you just as Poland is so much larger than France and Germany attacking their supply lines only means they will NE you again and wipe you.

You weren't getting the support you needed in Eden and there isn't really anywhere else you can get it so you need to focus on what is best for your own country rather than focusing on what is best for others.

Arutina Ziua 1,471, 17:15

good luck our Aussie friend, best wishes to your guys.


DocterDry3 Ziua 1,471, 20:00

eAustralia has been weak because it recieved no help.

If EDEN had of helped when stuff firsted started happening years ago, eAustralia would be strong now and be bale to help

Marcos Arolia
Marcos Arolia Ziua 1,471, 21:46

eAustralia has been weak because it received no help.

If EDEN had helped when stuff first started happening years ago, eAustralia would be strong now and be able to help. x2

lordofchina Ziua 1,471, 22:54

"Don't get me wrong there are some countries in EDEN that have proven themselves to be amazing such as China and Greece."

OH YES Thank you for Giving eChina credit.

Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Ziua 1,472, 02:44

I approve this. EDEN is nothing but a joke now.

Arfman Ziua 1,472, 04:11

Well said Tim.
Hail Terra?

Shrike88 Ziua 1,472, 04:54

I admit EDEN is in bad shape so is everyone fighting against ONE, we just can't compete them...
Terra is in no better shape than EDEN; eUS being overrun, eRussia having ABC next door, eBrazil busy with eSpain.

It is sad to see you leave EDEN, but I wish eAus goodluck on their future endeavors and I hope we eChina and eAus can stay toghether as brothers in arms even when we have other prio especially from ECIA

Adam Von Templar
Adam Von Templar Ziua 1,472, 19:05

We have tried EDEN, time to try a different road.

LordMazzar Ziua 1,473, 23:24

We have tried EDEN, time to try a different road. x2

LordMazzar Ziua 1,473, 23:25

Good artical

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Ziua 1,473, 03:46

Probably could of waited for ONE to suffer it's usual holiday string of defeats and gone out at what appeared to be the 'top'.

But active-neutrality can sure be alot of fun as you actually get to choose your direction not have it dictated to you.

Atracurium Ziua 1,473, 10:21

Aus always will have my support.

DrAkhoo Ziua 1,473, 13:37

So full of sh*t 🙂 eIndo was wiped as a revenge and lesson for you, not for the sake of our damage.

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