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A new conflict involving ....Nemesis

Ziua 1,849, 08:24 Publicat în Serbia România de Gray Tabby

Ohh here we go again. Like some time ago eRomania has some external issues, and as last time I’m going to talk a little about this ( you can find my old article here ) . As you can see as than we have similar factors: eRomania, Nemesis and an allied country ( than Brazil, now Ukraine).

Everything started 3 days ago when Valahian, the newly elected CP of eRO, also member of Nemesis declared on the Romanian Official Newspaper that he negociated with Hungary the ”Iron Contract”. As you may see this contract cleary announces that eRO will rent Bukovina from Hungary for 70.000 CC per month. You may say that everything is ok....well it is not. As you can see here, EDEN announces that Ukraine was never informed about this ( Bukovina beeing actually an Ukrainian core region).

So what we have here ? A country rents a region from an enemy country, region that actually belongs to an allied country without even having the permission of their allies. Clearly something is not ok here ...and it isn’t. In the romanian media several MU’s ( Soimii Patriei, FAR, VM,etc.) declared that they are against this treaty and holding any Ukrainian region without their consent.
Next day, EDEN held a summit in order to discuss this problem between eRomania and eUkraine, summit at which after 15-30 minutes Valahian, the eRO CP, left without beeing able to clarify this situation.

As it can be cleary seen we have a Country President that acts against his allies and EVEN HIS OWN COMPATRIOTS. Nothing unusual thinking that it comes from a member of Nemesis, that did the same some months ago when trying to PTO Brazil.

The main problem with those kind of actions is that they leave permanent scars on eRomania’s external affairs. How can another country support you and be your ally when they know you will sell them for the right sum of gold or CC …..uuuupsss my bad ….not sell them, cuz we don’t get any money from this ….we give money to betray our allies.

Well, well ...some of you may say that eRomania had some problems with eUkraine before ( thus why not signin a MPP with them ) ….but still we are members of the same alliance ! As long as eRO and eUKR are members of the same alliance something like this shouldn’t happen ! If eUKR would have been kicked from EDEN for the insults against romanians, or if eRO would have left EDEN claiming its neutrality, things would have been different.

It is clear that those kind of actions harm eRomania’s reputation and external affairs and Nemesis have a clear desire to do this with their actions.

I do not want to take Ukraine’s side in this article, because they had their fault also, but still Romanian’s CP action does not justify anything.
I really hope that this problem will be eventually resolved in a diplomatic way …..but that’s just me ….so we will have to wait and see what happens next.

Yours thankfully,



loordsteaua Ziua 1,849, 08:33

Comentariu șters

maxu08 Ziua 1,849, 08:35

din partea mea ca moldovean atit timp cit Ukr nu are congres nu importa cine o stapineste 😁 isi merita soarta si pentru asta ungurii au o mare apreciere din partea mea. Au fost extrem de corecti cu Moldova si - in plus - i-au calarit pe ukr cit cuprinde 😁)

singura grija este sa nu oferiti ukr drept de congres - sunt niste lasi, mincinosi, tradatori si considera romanii/moldovenii tigani, etc etc. daca le oferiti regiuni in aceste conditii Eden va cobori si mai jos decit este acum

LitoII Ziua 1,849, 08:36

Quite true, mate. I still think that the fault was in the uKRAInian courtyard, but now valahian failed for their sake... Not sure what game nemesis is playing after all...

snake dr
snake dr Ziua 1,849, 08:36

un rahat. si de ce scrii engleza, crezi ca strainilor le pasa?

Vic of Thor
Vic of Thor Ziua 1,849, 08:38

People who read your s@#t sholud know that:

1) Many romanians support their CP.

2) You're just angry because nobody in Romania likes you because they know what kind of child you are.
So you now try to destroy what you can, for revenge.

Elnoor Asteros
Elnoor Asteros Ziua 1,849, 09:00

Republic of Moldova supports Romania in this times of war with Ukraine. Tons of damage is waiting to punish the EVIL UKRAINIANS.

Black Amorphis
Black Amorphis Ziua 1,849, 09:04 = ))

Dryblas Ziua 1,849, 09:08

Why still there is no impeachment law against Valahian?

Mucifikatorul Ziua 1,849, 09:10

garbish... no vote...
si vorbeste / scrie Romaneste ca esti Roman... Sau esti pupincuristul cuiva ?

citizen MD
citizen MD Ziua 1,849, 09:21

+1 snake dr .

+ 1 Vic of Thor

+1 maxu08

unualibro Ziua 1,849, 09:22

well, valahian was elected president by Romanian. he didn't fall from the sky. If I take a look to the RW in Bukovina now, I can declare that most of Romanians support him.

Dryblas Ziua 1,849, 09:26

I think it's not a matter of supporting him or not, but the fact is that people from Romania don't want to fight against their own country (even when they don't agree with CP's decisions), but they also won't defend it.

MEK Karasu
MEK Karasu Ziua 1,849, 09:31

Eu sustin Valahian si echipa, si declar ca sunt oamenii, care in sfarsit, imi reprezinta interesele, bre Lego.
I support Valahian and his team. I am satisfied, and I'm looking forward for more (:

adrian11 Ziua 1,849, 09:32

this is a troll article from garbish player. He't romania's virus 😛

Dont even read the article, because he is the most hated person in the Romanian community. lego-kun. He even changed his name because he was ashamed. Sold his account and then he recovered it.

adrian11 Ziua 1,849, 09:33

Jet-Leeeeeeee Forgot about this! Let's all Jet-Leeeeee lego - kun.

buru Ziua 1,849, 09:34

Same all shit

gggeeeooo Ziua 1,849, 09:37

I support Valahian propuns ca eRO sa intre in COT / ONE.
dar ...daca ramanem in EDEN fi bine sa ne respectam aliatii, parerea mea.

C 3P0
C 3P0 Ziua 1,849, 09:44


Shush Ziua 1,849, 09:50

"Nothing unusual thinking that it comes from a member of Nemesis, that did the same some months ago when trying to PTO Brazil."
Tu esti pe bune ? 😮

The Georgian Knight
The Georgian Knight Ziua 1,849, 09:51

: ))) B*tch please!

Theirdie Ziua 1,849, 09:59

I support Valahian and his team

Osama Bri Gadier
Osama Bri Gadier Ziua 1,849, 10:01

Thiss aticle is a part of the project "Lego cleansing". The author, Gray Tabby is the old Lego Kun. He canged his name to clean the user.

The article? Nothing more than a sort of message towards EDEN HQ saying: "You see? I am not supporting the traitor. I am the same humble kisser of Enya's royal hiny and your servant forever. Just don't kick me out from EDEN's "gardens" and my warm armchair... plizzzzz"

CHANGEIT Ziua 1,849, 10:10

fake article as always lego

Alexandru Barbarosie
Alexandru Barbarosie Ziua 1,849, 10:23

Why u buy votes if still all the coments are against this s****? (:

Alexandru Barbarosie
Alexandru Barbarosie Ziua 1,849, 10:26

Fake Votes, Fake article!

PeroST Ziua 1,849, 10:30

I cant speak in name of my country but i know that many cro players are very said and disapointed how romania is behaving...

Darkslowstar Ziua 1,849, 10:38

Yes PeroST, you are said and disapointed sitting safe in India o7
just read the bellow posted article

This is just a lausy PR attempt from EDEN HQ

TheGift Ziua 1,849, 10:50

♥ CCCC ♥

Sever Vetrovnik
Sever Vetrovnik Ziua 1,849, 11:30

If Romania has to deal with enemy to prosper, then it is questionable if Romania should keep her old allies. Maybe it is time that eRomania considers all the options, not just EDEN.

N3mesis Ziua 1,849, 11:52

I didn't know I'm so popular (:


Mentalist de Bucovina
Mentalist de Bucovina Ziua 1,849, 11:58

Cel mai tare CP pe care l-a avut eRO de mult timp...

Rozan Zibar
Rozan Zibar Ziua 1,849, 12:03

hai prea intinzi coarda ...

S Y N A P S I S Ziua 1,849, 12:11

adolescentin cleptomaniac

Empror AnoiRoS
Empror AnoiRoS Ziua 1,849, 12:37

your problem is with eRoumania and eBrasil , so why eSerbia is attacking eFrance ????

Darkslowstar Ziua 1,849, 12:39

the author of this article works for EDEN PR team. that should have said everyting, beside why EDEN HQ trolls a member country president

PaulTC Ziua 1,849, 12:49

Just so everyone knows. The person writing this article is a thief and a traitor: A friend of the ex-president Hitman, who stole hundreds of gold from Romania. Also, he gave top damage for Hungary against Romania. Everyone in Romania knows what kind of person he is.

istrici Ziua 1,849, 15:52

hahahaha@ lego-kun

interesting paragraph: "As it can be cleary seen we have a Country President that acts against his allies and EVEN HIS OWN COMPATRIOTS. Nothing unusual thinking that it comes from a member of Nemesis, that did the same some months ago when trying to PTO Brazil."
let's see...
- lego -kun tried to PTO Canada a while ago, EDEN country at that time
- he and his friends bribed the congress members and impeached the elected president then, at the end of the term stole 400k cc

istrici Ziua 1,849, 15:59

+ around 40k weapons q6.
-next elections, his buddy cronoss placed only third on presidential elections. no impeach possible, no more money to steal. what does he do? fight for hungary against romania at a moment when both hungary and serbia had NE on us..
He is a thief, a lier and one of the top5 most hated romanian players. how did he get to represent romania at EDEN HQ? have no ideea.

istrici Ziua 1,849, 16:01

this would have been a very good trolling article if u would have published it in one of your friends newspaper..
... oh, wait, maybe not. all your erep friends are garbage... like you!

Avalokitesvara Ziua 1,849, 16:30

i made this!
and that's because i have more respect toward Romania then the traitor Ukaraine. I understand Romanias situation in the cage of enemy countries, the need for a bonus region, and this treaty is one more carefull step in our cooperation.

I wonder did you alredy forget the "gipsy" scandal? Did you alredy forget Ukraine offered to Hungary to sign MPP to attack Romania?

diegozpy Ziua 1,849, 17:28


nemezisx Ziua 1,849, 18:26

O, its about me kul 😁))))))))))))))))))))))

Cugu3H KejH
Cugu3H KejH Ziua 1,849, 19:57

You're just a rumanophobic xD

Jupanul Ziua 1,849, 22:04

Top damage in a campaign
10,955,040 for Serbia
Achieved while successfully defending Attica against Greece on day 1,843

And that says it all of your love for EDEN.

Dafimoto Ziua 1,850, 23:14

Lasa-ne, lasa-ne !
Ca ne-ai plictisit...
Lasa-ne, lasa-ne !
Ca ne-ai pacalit...
Lasa-ne, lasa-ne !
Ca ne-ai omorat
Lasa-ne, lasa-ne !
Ca ne-ai plic-ti-sit...

Daan Rares
Daan Rares Ziua 1,850, 23:26

Ukraine is not in EDEN for us, simply as that .

Kosovo je Srbija
Basarabia e Romania !

Arvadur Ziua 1,850, 00:31

@Lego-Kun : go f**k urself and pls stfu ! You have nothing to say about Romania and what Romania does !

Khan Delabru
Khan Delabru Ziua 1,850, 01:32

totusi cine este acest minunat Gray Tabby ( 10,955,040 for Serbia Achieved while successfully defending Attica against Greece on day 1,843 ) care publica un articol semnat Lego-kun?
Si inca ceva, cine este aces minunat Lego-kun?
Si ce avem noi cu UKR nu e alianta ! (asta nu e intrebare)

Ciandreiciu Ziua 1,850, 03:38

ciordel.. pleaca-n plm si canta la alta masa.

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