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[SFP] I have a dream

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SFP all the way!

This is our list. Full of active and nice people ready to serve and change our nation … ler mais »

Epic failure

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A friend wrote this

I am going to be short:

As we saw today and on Tuesday, we the … ler mais »

Red Coats

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A fine UK military unit

After the legendary Legion dissolved many military units in the UK gained members.
This shaked things a bit up in the UK.

This morning we saw these UK top 5 military … ler mais »

eUK in ePoland

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British Expats

Today I saw a surprise. The ePolish party I am member of is renamed to British Expats. Party President Commander Dapper wants a party for Party for … ler mais »

TUP Family prize winners day 1,870

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The best of TUP Family
This is my last issue. I am retired now.
It has been fun to do this and I hope you liked it.

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