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[Ten]ATO, Russia, and Response to Glove

Dia 1,986, 18:22 Publicado em USA EUA por Tenshibo

Hello America,

As you are aware from all the articles, shouts, etc. we are in the heavy portion of Presidential Campaign season. While this is an important part of our country’s operations, due to it starting a bit early this month, some things won’t receive as much attention as usual. So, before I get to the “Tenshibo 4 Potus” part of this article, let me highlight a few things that all Americans should be aware of.

ATO Success

We are but three days removed from congress elections. During these times of PTO, congress elections take on a new level of importance for our country; the more seats that Ronald Gipper Reagan and the AFA receive, the more influence they have on in-game votes (such as NEs, MPPs, and impeachments) and also they receive a higher percentage of the citizenship passes. While so far their in-game voting power has been of little effect, the citizenship passes is what allows them to build their power, which, due to a long string of setbacks for the AFA, is quickly dwindling.

As admins finished checking the results of the vote, it became clear what the results of these elections would be: victory for America. They received only 14 congress seats. This is the lowest they have received since they became a true threat. For reference, in January, they had 19 seats, February 18, and March 15. In 4 months, they have lost 26% of their congressional seats (coincidentally the same percentage of congress they own this term.)

These ATO successes and AFA failures are not due to any single person, or any single group. This isn’t an Executive victory, a party victory, nor an alliance victory. This is an American victory. Everybody in here has been doing their part, whether they’re working in the Department of Homeland Security, writing articles, or making shouts, everyone is doing their part to ensure that the AFA threat is qulled. This includes the various foreign groups we have in the eUS, including our Bros from Albania, Croatia, and CoT. Everybody is doing an excellent job, and we are seeing the results of this. The hard work has already paid for itself, and soon, it will come to a final victory: the total defeat of the AFA.

For more reading on this topic, check out Chief of Staff Israel Steven’s article on the subject here

Russia and CoT

Announced just today is that CoT has accepted Russia as a trial member.

This is truly great news. Russia has been one of America’s best allies for a long while now. Through thick and thin, we’ve been there for each other regardless of the circumstances. I don’t need to mention how that wasn’t always easy, but it was always the right thing to do, and something both sides wanted to do.

With CoT now accepting Russia as a trial member, our friendship will become even stronger, even tighter, and now, it is something our allies will not only support, but be doing themselves. With the future of the eWorld’s alliance currently up in the air as EDEN falls into limbo, and TWO preparing for World War 6, Russia’s acceptance will also ensure that Russia, the eUS, and CoT are all the more prepared for the ensuing fall out.

Tenshibo Time

First things first, if you missed my announcement article, give it a quick read. It includes an idea of my POTUS plans and my cabinet.

Secondly, I have posted Q&A threads on the USWP forums, WTP forums, and Fed forums. The Q&A on the Fed forum has been especially active, as it is nearing a fourth page, and has a wide variety of questions that not only will help Feds with deciding their vote, but will help all voters get a better understanding of Tenshibo.

Finally, Glove. The other day, Glove PM’d Artela, DLS, and myself linking to this article. In it was a list of 25 questions for us candidates to answer. I won't sugar coat my feeling for Glove; since I’ve been here, he’s been a bit of a troll, so I tend to ignore him (no offense Glove), but after reading the questions, it was clear Glove wasn’t trolling. Some questions were serious, some were fun, and some were in between the two. So, I have decided to respond to these question here:

Question 1: Why should I vote for you?

You should vote for me because I am right for the nation. So much is occurring in the eWorld, and it all is gearing up for what will be the next epic battle of eRepublik, WW6. It is paramount that we, the eUS, is prepared for the ensuing battle. This means strengthening our country internally (bonuses, military strength, stability, etc.) and strengthening our alliance as a whole. To do the first part, we need a leader who will be looking for opportunities to do accomplish such goals, and follow through with plans to do so. To do the second part, we need a leader with extensive foreign affairs experience. Such experience should not only involved working with CoT, but should also contain experience in working with “enemies” and making them allies. While I mean Artela and DLS no disrespect, as they’re both quality candidates, only I contain all of those qualities.

Question 2: What are your thought on Romania, is it okay to go to war with them directly, even after all we've been through?

Right now we cannot go to direct war to them without using our Airstrike, which for now I don’t feel would be a wise option. But, to the idea itself of warring with Romania, it is absolutely acceptable to war with them if the time comes. TWO didn’t accept Romania simply for Balkan dominance, nor for European dominance. TWO accepted Romania as an unofficial declaration of war against the eUS, as it was in direct response to our acceptance into CoT. Such a declaration is impossible to overlook, and overrides any past feelings we’ve had for each other.

Question 3: Do you think we should rekindle with Canada, if not, why?

For now, I am impartial to the idea. Canada isn’t terrible, but they’re not great either. We’ve had good relations with them before, and also terrible relations with them. At the end of the day, if the opportunity to work with Canada presents itself on favorable terms, I will not shoe it away without consideration, but neither will I go out of my way to free Canada simply for the point of freeing Canada.

Question 4: Do you accept Dio as your one and only God Emperor?

I was too young in the eWorld to be part of the Dio experience, so I cannot say I’m a Dioist or anything like that.

Question 5: If you could bang any eRep chick, who would it be?

There is a running joke that Molly Emma will be claiming my virginity, so, I feel I am contractually obligated to say Molly, but that would only be after a very romantic date, to set the mood right. I’ll trade in my swag for optimal classiness for one night, just for the occasion 😉 (God I hope she doesn’t get angry at this response xD)

Question 6: Who posed a greater evil in their prime, the USWP or S.E.E.S?

I’m not sure how S.E.E.S. was evil, as they protected the world from demons... oh! you meant S.E.E.S. in eRep! Sorry about that, my Persona days were coming back to me. Well, I cannot comment on S.E.E.S. as I wasn’t in the country at the time, but I never really saw USWP as evil in their prime, they simply snowballed from good, to great, to greatest, which I suppose made them seem evil. (for reference, I wasn’t in the country/was a Fed for most of the USWP dominance.)

Question 7: What will you do for D2 fighters such as myself?

The easiest, and best way, to support D2 fighters is continued support for developmental programs from the DoI, and support for the Division 2 USAF MU, Airforce. Both give D2 members the support, and specifically supplies, needed to ensure they’re at the top of their game. I encourage all D2 members to join an MU for D2 (even if not a USAF MU) and take advantage of these programs, as your damage does matter, especially during a massive war.

Question 8: Will you promise me a direct war, I grow rather tired of training wars and neutrality?

I’m not a fan of promises I cannot uphold. So, I will not promise a direct war, even if it would be super duper fun (which it would be.) But, I will say if war is knocking on our door, I will answer the door with my shotgun, if you will.

Question 9: Will you let Pfeiffer in your cabinet, if not, why?

As you’ve likely seen, Pfeiffer does not have an official position in my cabinet. Presently, he is director of the C.I.A, which I believe carries over from term-to-term, unless interrupted by a President firing him. For now, I see no reason to fire him, as the C.I.A. is a job that reports to the President and doesn’t deal with regular people, which is good, because while Pfeiffer is a meaniepants, he’s fine one-on-one depending on who you are.

Question 10: What are your thought on Ronald Gipper Reagan?

He’s a terrible person, in-game and out of game. Beyond that, I will not address this question.

Question 11: How would you envision a world with an active Max Mcfarland II, a Josh Frost, and a Glove?

I cannot quite comment on the first two parts of this question, as my memories of MM2 are of him being super rich and affluent, and my memories of Josh Frost are simply of him being a ST6 member when I was a baby seal way back when. I wasn’t in the eUS when you (Glove) were in your prime, so I can’t comment on that either. But you now, well, you were active for a bit, and you almost got us allied with Serbia >.>

Question 12: Who was your most favorite eUSA president, why?

I don’t know if I’d use the word favorite, but when Cerb was president in August of 2011, I truly admired him. He wrote an article as president practically every day of his term, and they were all quality articles. He appeared to be active in every way possible, and accomplished many things. So, while he may not be my favorite president, he set the idea in my head of what a president should be.

Question 13: What have you done within the last 30 days of value?

I’m going to extend this a bit, as in the last 30 days I haven’t had an official cabinet position besides official lawyer to CoT when needed, so with a small extension, I’d say my work with cementing relations between the eUS and CoT was of huge value to both parties. It is no secret that entering CoT, there were some countries in there we weren’t best friends with. In fact, with countries like Macedonia, we were pretty much enemies before our CoT days. Improving our relations with them was a much needed thing. Through working with them as equals, not bending to their will, nor them bending to ours, both countries developed a mutual respect, and eventually, a friendship, which has continued to develop and get stronger in the time since.

Question: 14: What do you consider your most monumental achievement here?

My most monumental achievement would be being a member of the team that got the eUS in CoT. I take monumental not meaning greatest, but rather, having the most impact. As we can see, the eWorld is changing its very dynamic because the eUS joined CoT. EDEN is finally crumbling, TWO and CoT are breaking up, and it's all happening because of that one thing. And, while I certainly wasn't the only person who made this happen, being a primary contributor to it, as SoS for two terms, played a factor in it coming to be.

Question 15: Who would you reach out to in foreign affairs? Where do you see CoT going and do you think we really have a place in it? If so, provide examples of CoT and USA prideful moments/benefits.

We, not only as a nation but as an alliance, need to reach out to EDEN to try and get some key players from them on our side for the upcoming wars against TWO. Quite frankly, if we don’t, we’ll lose. We don’t need either side to join the other, we simply need to get on the same page militarily, or Serbia, Poland, and now Romania will just wreck over everyone.

We certainly have a place in CoT, as is evident by our growing relationship with them. An example of them coming through for us would be their continued to support in our ATO efforts. They’ve sent reliable ATOers to the eUS for many terms now. They don’t interfere with the country, nor do they cause harm. They’ve been truly great. A prideful moment from the eUS benefiting CoT will come more from a personal moment I had with them. While we were still courting CoT, and vice-versa, me, Israel Stevens, and Molly Emma went beast mode in a Mexican battle against Columbia which was key to Mexico’s war. (It may have been to keep Columbia without congress.) I was sitting in their IRC room, and we just kept getting pinged and their citizens were making shouts about us, and the next day we WERE their media. It was pretty cool 😃

Question 16: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I was asked this question on the Fed forum, and will be c/ping it here:

My biggest strength is my ability to work with a wide variety of people. As CP, you have to deal with, on a daily basis, new players, old players, old players who aren't relevant but think they are (you know the type, but lets not name any names), returning old players, foreigners, actives, inactives, allies, and enemies. Throughout my time as SoS specifically, I've gained the ability to deal with all sorts of these players. I quickly become friends with people who, for instance, are our enemies, and use this to improve relations when needed. Macedonia, for instance, we had a terrible relationship with when we first joined CoT. But, due to me (and I can't take all the credit, a good few others) we have quickly became great allies. I plan on using this to ensure that CoT can get key members of EDEN to become pro-CoT as EDEN continues to collapse, that way former allies can rejoin our side, and help us against what many people believe will be a Serbian/Romania invasion.

My biggest weakness would have to be my lack of experience in the interior departments (interior and education.) These departments are key to the day-to-day operation of the country, as they ensure that our citizens are fed, weaponized, and informed, especially the newer players. As we move closer to elections, I will be speaking with Mazzy and Othere to get an in-depth understanding of these key departments. And, while I lack in this area, it is more than made up for not only by Mazzy and Othere, but also by my VP Molly Emma, who spent a crazy amount of time as SoI, and on some level, always kept a hand in that cookie jar. So, I don't feel this weakness will have a significant effect on my term if I win.

Question 17: Will you join my harem?

Does it include free health care, a high salary, and other benefits? (possibly a timeshare in Disney World for instance)

Question 18: What are your thoughts on the JCS?

Over time, I’ve grown to be indifferent to them. They’re not bad people by any means. John Largo is cool, Chubbzilla and I spend much time geeking over geek things, occasionally people like CW shoots me a friendly hello for old times sake, etc. They simply do their own thing. I’m not going to interfere with it, because quite frankly, it’s not worth my time. If they want to follow government orders either officially or unofficially, they’ve always had that option, they simply choose to do their own thing. So, best of luck to them is all I really can say.

Question 19: If you could change one thing in eRep history, what would it be?

I’d change V2. It just wiped out the world community, and it was a mess. We’d be playing a very different game had it not happened.

Question 20: How many times have you watched Fight Club?

I have an awkward answer to this. I’ve only watched it beginning to end a few times. But, for like... a year straight, and at least 10 times, I would try watching it, and for some reason or another, would end up having to go do something right at the point in the movie where, near the end, they get in that car crash.

Question 21: What did you think of this video?

I actually watched this with Evry back in the day, we both kind of chuckled.

Question 22: Am got meme?

I’m not sure what you’re asking, as you “Am got meme” isn’t a legible sentence xD

Question 23: Do you think we should continue "Unity" Elections, if so, for how long and why?

I don’t like Unity Elections. I wish we didn’t need do it, but we do. As I mentioned on the eNPR debate, this election right here would’ve been the most fun if it were a “real” election and not a unity one. But, it is cheapened by the unity process. Hopefully soon the unity election will end. If it wasn’t summer, I’d say very soon. But, everyone becomes active again in the summer, which may give the AFA more support. By Septemberish at the latest, I’d say it will end. But if the conditions are right, I hope it will end earlier.

Question 24: Where did TERRA go wrong? How can we avoid this in COT?

As easy as it would be to say “Oblige... whale *ack*” as a response to this, to do so would be short sighted. Terra had a multitude of problems which hindered it, and eventually crippled it. The countries never really had a sense of unified brotherhood, and it became clique, with the larger nations doing what they wanted, and the rest simply following. CoT avoids this due to their charter for one, as cliques are eliminated by the fact that all countries can veto a vote. One no vote makes it so a vote doesn’t pass. Couple this with an effort from all sides to actually develop solid relations, and you get a recipe to avoid the Terran errors.

Question 25: Will you give us a purpose? What do you envision for the eUSA?

All CP’s want to give the country a purpose. And, one is needed to ensure a happy populace. But, I must retort the idea that the CP gives the purpose. I feel that the CP sees the purpose, and crafts it into a presentable form. Name any CP who gave the country a great purpose, and I can guarantee you that, given different circumstances, a less exciting term, general apathy by the eWorld, and they wouldn’t be able to give a purpose.

But, I don’t mean to say I won’t try to give our country a purpose. The pursuit of returned greatness will be our purpose. This means getting bonuses, getting rid of the PTOers, possibly a great war like we haven’t seen in awhile. Who knows, it may develop into the purpose you speak of, it may simply stay an idea, but one thing's for sure: if you vote for me, you’ll find out 😉

So, that wraps things up for this article. But before we go, I’d like to dump a few links:

An Interview of the three Presidential Candidates by AMPer saraht0ga

A bit of an impromptu interview of DLS and myself by new player and Darknight293

eNPR on AMP radio presidential debate. Listen to hear us speak, and be awesome and stuffs!

Thank you very much for reading,

Tenshibo, eUS POTUS Candidate


Bucephalus92 Dia 1,986, 18:25


Tenshibo Dia 1,986, 18:25


crashthompson. Dia 1,986, 18:31

Good Luck!

Othere Dia 1,986, 18:31

Pfeiffer is a meaniepants.

MARIANOCANCER Dia 1,986, 18:35

No pole

Cubby Dia 1,986, 18:35

And that is why Glove asks those questions.

Merle Corey
Merle Corey Dia 1,986, 18:38

move to censure tenshibo

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Dia 1,986, 19:11

"This is an American victory. Everybody in here has been doing their part..."

President Tenshibo could be a sustained American victory.

Ramirez.Andres Dia 1,986, 19:31


Syz2 Dia 1,986, 20:07

Great responses!

Vroteier9 Dia 1,986, 20:21

holy wall of text

Tenshibo Dia 1,986, 20:22

You know what they say, I'm the King of the Wall 😉

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,986, 20:50

LoL, you have about as much credibility as my little brothers... which is to say not at all... since you are like 16-17.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,986, 20:52

Also, we had 27.5% of Congress, and we lost seats partially due to there being LESS REGIONS. 19 was when there were like 57 regions. Also, you are importing foreigners now.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,986, 20:54

Also, LoL, at you calling me a terrible person. The people in my party are kind and polite to everyone... unlike you and your friends who are rude, verbally abusive, and treat everyone like dirt who disagrees with you, not to mention the fact that you like to make jokes about war crimes.

iPanchO Dia 1,987, 06:35

Well that is because you have war-criminals in your party.

Peace out!


iPanchO Dia 1,988, 00:16

@Nemanja2012 , can you also please show an article that the court of Hague actually declared any of our Commanders/Soldiers to be guilty of war crimes or organ trafficking? I bet you will have a hard time finding an article like that 😕

On the other hand...

And I'll end this with a joke I made up myself :
A servian general walks into a bar.... Oh I forgot , there are not bars in Hague XD


LordRahl2 Dia 1,987, 12:00

Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,986, 20:54
Also, LoL, at you calling me a terrible person. The people in my party are kind and polite to everyone

Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,986, 20:50
LoL, you have about as much credibility as my little brothers... which is to say not at all... since you are like 16-17.

^rude, abusive, treating another player like dirt

LordRahl2 Dia 1,987, 12:01

Oh and one of your very kind polite elitist party leaders told me to kill myself.

Besides suicide not being a joke, that is about as rude and abusive as it gets.

Try a new lie on for size Ajay.

Skarbrandus Dia 1,987, 13:00

Lolled pretty much about this guy trying to beat statistics and saying something about bad people. I wonder, will afa materminds (or failminds) still be crying when they will be going down?
What eRepublik lacks is ability to rid a person off his citizenship upon congressial majority approval. I think I'll propose that on forum, just one more guy in 😉

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Dia 1,988, 07:09

I don't believe that he said your party were terrible people, he said that YOU are a terrible person. Which you are.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,988, 10:30

far better than you.

Seisan Dia 1,986, 21:18

Needs more Persona references.

Tenshibo Dia 1,986, 21:30

Lol Seesaw 😃

fingerguns Dia 1,986, 21:19

Man, I really wasn't sure when I heard you were running. You're cutie pants tenshi.

Watching you campaign has really made me see you differently, though. Good luck. You're making this a decision that requires a bit of thought.

Tenshibo Dia 1,986, 21:30

/me does a girly squeel

I'mma cutie pants \o/

Malarkey83 Dia 1,987, 08:13

*Vote for Tenshibo retracted after witnessing girly squeal* LOL

atrawall Dia 1,986, 22:47

Do you think the inclusion of Indonesia keeps CoT as volatile and less united than they should be?

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Dia 1,987, 14:36


1990kaka90kk Dia 1,987, 01:04


akcadag45 Dia 1,987, 02:19

kitap yazsan daha iyidi, çok uzun aq xdxd

Axithe Dia 1,987, 02:43

Congratulations on your ATO success, America!

Kentavr Dia 1,987, 04:04

Congrats! ^____^

Rexdeus Dia 1,987, 05:14

g'luck Tens.

Grimstone Dia 1,987, 05:35

Good Luck Tenshibo. I must say i'm proud to see you running. I trained you well and now you are spreading your wings and no longer a padawan.

Good luck, everyone should Vote for Tenshibo!

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Dia 1,987, 05:39

Good luck Ten!

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Dia 1,987, 09:51

These are really good responses.

Thoughtful and well articulated.

KOSOVA Batoa Dia 1,987, 11:13

Good luck.

bjelice1 Dia 1,987, 12:48


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dia 1,987, 14:27


Jizzie McGuire
Jizzie McGuire Dia 1,987, 15:36

I fully endorse Tenshibo-san for eUS President. You go girl!

Tyrannocopters Dia 1,987, 15:46

And suddenly, I may actually vote for you. Dia 1,987, 15:57


Candor Dia 1,987, 18:29

I get your thoughts on "purpose". But will you be using the events of the day as the setting for a love story, fantasy fiction, or documentary? This isn't real life, this is a game for entertainment. The President can treat it as two old men playing chess in the park, or like drunken frat boys playing pong.

One's a fun spectator sport, one not so much.

Still, good article and good luck.

Candor Dia 1,987, 18:30

Drunk IS at least added drunk!

Serendipitous Dia 1,988, 09:24

Glorious article

kamikaze o7
kamikaze o7 Dia 1,988, 12:33

ola k ase me da un besito o k ase

bigcdizzle Dia 1,988, 17:14

Kinda surprised myself when I voted a Tenshibo article....Surprised myself even more when I voted for him in the primary.

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