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[FedUpdate#8] Feds still help out!!

Dia 1,868, 22:07 Publicado em USA EUA por Duncan Crowe

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The Federalist program AHH, or A Helping Hand, is still running!

Jefferson Locke:
"We started this about two and half months ago, and took it national about a week ago. It's an expensive project, but hopefully we can help take some pressure off the MU's in terms of providing supplies. And a lot of credit goes out to DMV for the funding he has afforded us, and Duncan Crowe for running the treasury as well as he does. It's a tough job, and he does it better than anyone else could."

"Really, it's a great opportunity for all of us new members who truly need a lift. It may not seem like a lot to the people who are donating but it really, really does make a difference. Without a doubt it makes me extra p/h to know that this program is not only funded by the Feds, but for all TRUE members of this wonderful eCountry."

"AHH is awesome because it supplies our eCitizens to fight for a better eAmerica!"

Requests are done using this form.

Now, let’s look at some statistics....

Week 1:

||Day 1831|| - 460 Tanks
||Day 1832|| - 452 Tanks
||Day 1833|| - 319 Tanks
||Day 1834|| - 241 Tanks
||Day 1835|| - 441 Tanks
||Day 1836|| - 415 Tanks
||Day 1837|| - 401 Tanks
|||Total||| - 2729 Tanks

Week 2:
||Day 1838|| - 566 Tanks
||Day 1839|| - 747 Tanks
||Day 1840|| - 578 Tanks
||Day 1841|| - 570 Tanks
||Day 1842|| - 406 Tanks
||Day 1843|| - 492 Tanks
||Day 1844|| - 599 Tanks
|||Total||| - 3957 Tanks

Week 3:
||Day 1845|| - 532 Tanks
||Day 1846|| - 412 Tanks
||Day 1847|| - 457 Tanks
||Day 1848|| - 503 Tanks
||Day 1849|| - 513 Tanks
||Day 1850|| - 431 Tanks
||Day 1851|| - 448 Tanks
|||Total||| - 3296 Tanks

Week 4:
||Day 1852|| - 384 Tanks
||Day 1853|| - 213 Tanks
||Day 1854|| - 441 Tanks
||Day 1855|| - 523 Tanks
||Day 1856|| - 488 Tanks
||Day 1857|| - 470 Tanks
||Day 1858|| - 409 Tanks
|||Total||| - 2928 Tanks

Week 5:
||Day 1859|| - 457 Tanks
||Day 1860|| - 488 Tanks
||Day 1861|| - 596 Tanks
||Day 1862|| - 571 Tanks
||Day 1863|| - 417 Tanks
||Day 1864|| - 415 Tanks
||Day 1865|| - 380 Tanks
|||Total||| - 3324 Tanks

Week 6:
||Day 1866|| - 413 Tanks
||Day 1867|| - 432 Tanks
||Day 1868|| - 457 Tanks
|||Total||| - 1302 Tanks

In just 6 and a half weeks, Federalist AHH QMs have supplied the needy with 17,536 q7 tanks, along with over 2 million individual health units!

isn't that awesome?!?!

Special thanks to our devoted QMs...Remember to thank them!!
-Jefferson Locke


Why do we still do this?

Who cares?

Why don't we just stop?


We want to do this.

The Federalist Party wants a strong eUSA and they want an eUSA that supports players at each and every level of society. Without programs such as these, many newbs outside of generous MUs would be left in the cold with very little supplies to sustain themselves.

So, we want to do this. We want to do this because we believe in a friendlier eUSA, an eUSA where low wages are supported by generosity and charity.


The Federalist Party.

A party here to support YOU.

If you missed the link earlier:


-American Citizenship
-American Damage
-American MU

Reasons For Denial:
-Member In A Party Actively Trying to PTO the USA (American Freedom Alliance, Euro-American Alliance)
-No American Damage
-Non-American MU
-No Inventory Space
-Double Requests (Day Change = 3 Hrs. Before ST)
-Evidence of a Multi-Account

If you're not already p/h, JOIN

Thanks for reading!

Please vote, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed!

Until next time...on behalf of the Feds,

Best Regards,

Fed. Party Page -
Fed. IRC -


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dia 1,868, 22:10

first reserved for p/h

Vilar47 Dia 1,869, 00:48

Wow! Voted!

9Vlad4 Dia 1,869, 01:22


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dia 1,869, 03:16

Great program...they have given me a lot of support and they don't even like me...!


eSlovak Dia 1,869, 06:16


Devil.s.Dance Dia 1,869, 06:19

A party here to support YOU

Sejanus Saturninus Lex
Sejanus Saturninus Lex Dia 1,869, 08:59

Feds should help out by publicly supporting the Lex Publius Sarius and bending knee before the Living God Publius. There is only The Empire. There is only The Party. There is only The Legion.


m fighter
m fighter Dia 1,869, 09:05

Hail feds o7
great job

Bucephalus92 Dia 1,869, 10:43


stewy Dia 1,869, 12:51

DMV is my hero \o/

LudwigV.Mises Dia 1,869, 15:42

It's a great help, thanks a lot guys!

DMV3 Dia 1,869, 19:31

Good work guys, I am glad we are all able to make a difference.

The Gunnerss
The Gunnerss Dia 1,870, 04:56

It's great help.... contiune to do that... thnxxx guyss

fingerguns Dia 1,870, 05:55

This is what p/h is all about

Candor Dia 1,870, 06:09


Obama.Putin Dia 1,870, 07:41

Comentário apagado

Nektari0s Dia 1,870, 11:18

voted! thanks

little baby
little baby Dia 1,870, 16:10

Great job.
Hail Feds o/

Valiantina1984 Dia 1,870, 18:49


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