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[CP] An old friend falls, will we be next?

Dia 1,946, 03:52 Publicado em Canada Canadá por Homer J Simpson

There's been a change in ePortugal.

A once proud nation who stood up to tyranny.......

....has faced the Spanish Inquisition and been reduced to this.....

....that's right, ePortugal is now nothing more than Spain's play thing.

After a long and tiring occupation our friends in Portugal have given up the ghost.

Will eCanada face the same fate?

Not as long as I have any say in the matter. eCanada is a proud nation and quite frankly, if it ever came to this, I would rather quit the game then have any part in it.

Stay strong Canada, our time will come!

Hail Canada!
Hail Asgard!



MUFC992 Dia 1,946, 03:56

Stay strong Canada o7

Homer is a boss..

Antropophag Dia 1,946, 03:56


smokiie is back
smokiie is back Dia 1,946, 03:57


fail potugal...

Roman Legionnaire
Roman Legionnaire Dia 1,946, 03:59


moomoohead Dia 1,946, 04:03

stay strong

Cmurgh Dia 1,946, 04:07


Kain Propan
Kain Propan Dia 1,946, 04:12

Asgards day will come, but unlike the Portuguese day that is all about taking it right up the *** multiple times, our day will be one of victory. We just need to stay patient and not give up like the Portuguese suckers did.

Ralph Kline
Ralph Kline Dia 1,946, 04:16


davidjonestoo Dia 1,946, 04:29


klop123 Dia 1,946, 04:42

Couldn't have said it better.

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Dia 1,946, 04:48


Ash J. Williams
Ash J. Williams Dia 1,946, 05:12

Voted! stay proud and strong Canada o7

Funky 24
Funky 24 Dia 1,946, 05:19

Way to trash Portugal.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Dia 1,946, 05:42

An opportunity to build an ally was missed.

Plugson Dia 1,946, 14:50

Trashed eUSA.
Trashed France.
Trashed Portugal.

Probably will trash Russia once they commit to CoT and fight against us.

eCanada ain't doing so good in diplomatic outreach, atm. Maybe we're too busy playing a fratboy game of uncle where we trashtalk those that buckle under the pressure before we do.

Pretty sure we'll be the last ones standing...alone.

Booyah!!! Never surrender and all that jazz.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Dia 1,946, 05:41

Keep the faith.

ligtreb Dia 1,946, 05:58

I respect you more for not going the route of Spain.

ligtreb Dia 1,946, 05:59

I meant Portugal. I'm up way too early.

Randy Casey
Randy Casey Dia 1,946, 06:08

What did portugal do...?

Ayy lmao
Ayy lmao Dia 1,946, 09:54

refused to keep paying millionaire ammounts to her own allies in order to not even have congress

Code-Y Dia 1,946, 06:10

One day the world will be restored. One day.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,946, 06:48

Continue standing.

The.Dude Dia 1,946, 07:09

"if it ever came to this, I would rather quit the game then have any part in it."

Voted hard for big balls and truth.

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Dia 1,946, 07:25

Beware the gimp!

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Dia 1,946, 08:52



C. Buzz
C. Buzz Dia 1,946, 09:22

As long as eCanada stands, so do I. So long as we keep fighting, I will be there, in the trenches. The day we quit is the day I leave...I`m glad to say I`ve got a little more eliving left to do.


Technician Dia 1,946, 09:46

Not as long as I have any say in the matter. eCanada is a proud nation and quite frankly, if it ever came to this, I would rather quit the game then have any part in it.

.... I move out.

Ze Alface
Ze Alface Dia 1,946, 09:52

Shame on Gossypt and Comunist party

MADEINMAFIA Dia 1,946, 09:54

you have my vote..

Anfer Dia 1,946, 09:55

True Portuguese players will be allways with you friends... now we will fight with you.
Hail Canadá

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Dia 1,946, 16:28

I feel for those true Portuguese who have to bear the weight of this decision. Spain is as much to blame for this as your "leaders". I wait for the day when the big countries grow the balls required to take each other on instead of bullying smaller countries.

klop123 Dia 1,946, 16:53

This is true, but much like life outside the game big countries fighting big countries offer no advantage, be it absolute, competitive or comparative. It is much easier to fight a smaller country for what you want rather than a large one. With that being said there are exceptions but this game is too money focused now that we forget the little bits of epic fights and bravery of countries freeing others etc.

Carlos alex36
Carlos alex36 Dia 1,947, 16:31

please homer dont judge us because we have a moron as CP
we real ePortuguese will never accept this NAP

HK416 Dia 1,946, 09:55

Big Hug froom Portugal!

Hail Canada!
Hail Portugal

MadDealer Dia 1,946, 09:56

I did not forget you brothers!

Hail Canada!

crisfire Dia 1,946, 09:58

Giving up regions is one thing but totally switching sides is another

I might understand if people were really hard pressed and "fighting for thier lives" as ive read in comments and articles but this is a game

NO ONE is hard pressed and NO ONE is "fighting for their lives"

Ive started to hear things like this in eCanada from some party elites and I imagine it wont be long before we to are faced with a decision like France or Portugal and if these people that get all emotional over a game are in power we will bend over for Spain as well

Ayy lmao
Ayy lmao Dia 1,946, 10:00

What you must do is make a fair deal while you still have leverage, and don't let your nation become bankrupt before the negotiations.

Buck Roger
Buck Roger Dia 1,946, 10:03

must schmust

crisfire Dia 1,946, 10:04

No deal

I would rather stay wiped for years and be as much a pain in the ass to Spain as eCanada can then give them an ounce of satisfaction with money, land and TWO MPP's, from what ive seen there are no "fair deals" with Spain

but thats just me and ill bet it wont be long before CPF, CW and IPC team up to put someone in the CP chair thatll sell us down the river

Ayy lmao
Ayy lmao Dia 1,946, 10:12

crisfire, the problem is that you will not be a pain in the ass for long, unless the alliances shift gears and TWO loses power. We have been in a near-permanent wipe for almost a year, you don't know how that's like

Ayy lmao
Ayy lmao Dia 1,946, 10:15

Anyway, I still think we should have made the Canagal union while there was time, would make it much easier to resist Spain

Plugson Dia 1,946, 15:13

hmmm, sounds like a fair challenge.

Let's see what the tone in eCanada will be like after 10 more months of being wiped.

But chances are that alliances will shift before that time and change our situation, so that challenge may not be proven.

klop123 Dia 1,946, 14:41

Well said. This is a game ^__^

Pottermore Dia 1,946, 10:13

True Portuguese players will be allways with you friends...
Hail Canada

TheyCallMeBugs Dia 1,946, 11:56


Julio de Matos
Julio de Matos Dia 1,946, 13:25

so sad a president judge other nations too quickly. I sincerely hope Canada doesn't share its fate of a "long and tiring occupation"

canadianboy2012 Dia 1,946, 13:38

Hail Canada, Portugal is a betrayer, WE NEVER GIVE UP!

Funky 24
Funky 24 Dia 1,946, 15:51

We have and we will.

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Dia 1,946, 16:33

You have Funky, not Canada

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