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Sincere thanks to all

40 Dzień 5,936, 11:15 Opublikowane w Montenegro Montenegro Analizy wojenne Analizy wojenne

Greetings to all readers.

DWARF and all DWARF members thanks very much to everyone who helped us in our war effort last week. We are all very grateful and the support we received was heartfelt. Thank you all! It will not be forgotten.


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Recent events regarding DWARF and Asteria/Hydra relationship

28 Dzień 5,755, 11:03 Opublikowane w Montenegro Montenegro Polityka Polityka

Hello everyone!

Two months ago, Asteria and Hydra on one side, and DWARF on the other side, had reached an agreement known as the Peace in the Middle East.

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[DWARF] Welcome Saudi-Arabia !

26 Dzień 5,271, 10:38 Opublikowane w Cyprus Cyprus Polityka Polityka

Greetings everyone

Today DWARF has a big announcement to make ! We have a new member, Saudi-Arabia.

Even if our members worked closely with Saudi-Arabia in the past months, what really pushed their decision was Iran invading them. … czytaj więcej »