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Yakety Sax with eBulgaria

2,124일 15:45 Serbia에 게시 캐나다 - New Faustian Man

Good evening ladies and gentlemen o/

Obligatory theme music >>> Please click here <<< and enjoy!

Now as we all know, Bulgaria have been making real pests of themselves lately ...

This all started, as we can see in the graphic above, with Bulgur Air Striking Lithuanian-held Norwegian cores in what had been dubbed a “rescue mission” to help their new allies in Asgard, (although it would also provide Bulgaria a means to escape the prison they’d been held in for the past couple months and allow them to regain congress and access their treasury). Now as we all know Bulgaria have some history were "rescue" or "punitive" Air Strikes are concerned, (remember their "punitive" AS against Argentina when Argentine and EDEN soldiers tanked them out of South America?) unfortunately however it doesn't look like they learned from their previous mistakes...

As we can see above, Romania quickly Air Strike'd Bulgarian-held regions in Scandinavia....

So this:

Soon turned into this:

...in just a matter of days

In case you missed Bulgaria on the map, I’ve used a handy white arrow to illustrate precisely where it is after the effects of the Romanian AS were felt:

Romania o7

However the fun didn't stop there, as the above pic illustrates, now Bulgaria have launched an NE against former "staunch" allies the eUnited Kingdom....

Bulgur Country President Tablov above,
moments before signing the NE proposal
against the United Kingdom

With this NE Bulgaria hope to capture an eUK region which will mean they'll (FINALLY) regain a congress -- even if it is at the cost of upsetting old allies. Only time will tell if the strategy was worth it or not...

Above, a traditional Bulgarian wardance performed by the Bulgarian MoD
and vMoD intended to scare the eUKers into submission...

Above, an eUK soldier practices for that moment when Bulgur ships land on eUK shores...


o/ to my Bulgarian friends
Remember: its all for the lulz,



Lorcema 2,124일 16:12


Lorcema 2,124일 16:13

Wiiiii, nice article, indeed. 😉

marorks 2,126일 05:41

I am giving 34 golds for dota2 items, send me msg

FreeGigi 2,124일 16:15

hue hue Bulgaria no congress again

Somewhere romper is laughing hard

Colonel Jack ONeal
Colonel Jack ONeal 2,124일 16:17


CoT Random Citizen: -Yes,but now the ex-eden countryes are hunting us down and beat the hell out of us!

CoT Countryes: -But the EDEN is gone!😃

Ashkoort 2,124일 16:46


WayneKerr 2,124일 17:17

winning... o7

Strength and Honour

faucoult 2,124일 17:56


sakin. 2,124일 18:06


Emanuil 13
Emanuil 13 2,124일 18:16

Hehe, everyone in the world is "old allies" somehow. Romania and Bulgaria were old allies at the height of EDEN. I don't see any qualms in Romania ASing Bulgaria into oblivion because of the good old days now. Do you?

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man 2,124일 18:23

I'd rather they were still just that, whichever way you look at it Rom-Bulg are natural allies, there's no reason they should be at loggerheads. If the eUS-Spain can agree an NAP why not Rom-Bulg? It would be mutually beneficial.

Emanuil 13
Emanuil 13 2,124일 18:30

As far as I know Romania has a goal to keep Bulgaria permanently deleted and without congress with the idea that this will make the majority of the Bulgarian population change CS with no way back or just quit the game. This strategy has been very successful so far. Combined with the constant admin frivolities there are plenty of Bulgarian, CoT and pro-CoT players who are logging off for good.
As for Bulgaria, they wouldn't mind working with Romania, as long as that doesn't mean having to work with Turkey (a whole other subject ofc). The Bulgarians would rather quit the game than be seen in an alliance or even a quasi alliance with Turkey. And so on.

NueveOcho 2,124일 18:18

vVv voted panpa vVv

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man 2,124일 18:38

Thanks bro o7

Tenshou 2,124일 18:44



hazem95 2,124일 20:00


DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie 2,124일 20:24

Kind of funny... I guess :I

CatBea 2,124일 20:34

Can i've a eUK soldier?? can i???,,😅

Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey 2,124일 23:38

Voted !

Adieu. 2,124일 23:41

This is a Cyprus girl @the end, not a UK girl 🙁
How can you mix us up with a Thatcher biç? 😕


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man 2,126일 14:29

Who is she?

Adieu. 2,127일 01:18

It's Grainne : D

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan 2,124일 00:16

As Irish State Prior and Cleric of The Word i bless bulgaria for NE british spawns of SATAN!

And i bless this article with a holy vote coz author is a cool dude...

Colonel Jack ONeal 2,125일 05:50

댓글 삭제

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan 2,125일 05:59


Colonel Jack ONeal
Colonel Jack ONeal 2,125일 14:41

I love Ireland!

Embajad0r 2,124일 00:18


Driver of ufo
Driver of ufo 2,124일 00:45


Mangusta Carpatina
Mangusta Carpatina 2,125일 01:32

Hue Hue Hue 🙂

BG.Iron.Fist 2,125일 09:56

the hole article smells like buthurt 😃 xaxaxaxaaaxaxaxaxaxa

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man 2,125일 11:27

Yes, Lulgurian. One Air Strike and how many NE's within the last week and still haven't secured congress!? Its one disaster after another 😛

BG.Iron.Fist 2,125일 10:00

and in asnwer of emanuil : bulgarian ppl change cs not because we are occupy but because most of our politicans are idiots

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man 2,125일 11:29

If Bulgurs are changing cs to get away from idiot politicians, then their options are limited. Quite a few countries are ruled by "idiot politicians" unfortunately.

GameOverForMe 2,125일 11:38

These politicans are voted from citizens, And who are idiots citizens or politicans?

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius 2,125일 10:50


N3mesis 2,125일 11:02


funny article - funny events - funny facts 😛

WHY BULGARIA? ..why you always need to backstab one of your ally? WHY? 😃

Simonymous 2,125일 11:40

Who did we backstab now? Our natural friend is Ireland. UK has been an ally in the past but now is the present.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man 2,125일 11:46

Bulg do realise Polska are parked in Wales and Rom are probs gonna follow Bu;g onto eUK soil right? You's should've headed to the south seas like Fyrom.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man 2,125일 11:46


Simonymous 2,125일 11:53

May be if we got off first, we'd attack NZ and Macedonia Lithuania but this is how things worked out and we don't regret the choice. Now, Romania is stronger than us, no doubt. But it is obvious how admins helped them. So... we need a way out and there's UK, right next to us. The other way is to just give up. Would you choose that?

Simonymous 2,125일 11:53

Anyway, I liked the article. 🙂

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato 2,125일 11:53

Benny Hill \o/


asperine90 2,125일 14:10

gur gur gur

CHRISTIANE.F 2,125일 14:53

great article....voted

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau 2,125일 15:10

Free Norway!

War3hous313 2,125일 15:59

u didi it like a boss!

marorks 2,126일 05:41

I am giving 34 gold for dota2 items, add me and send me msg to deal.

Nik7deputa 2,126일 07:47

Funny xD

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