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Mission madness

5 Giorno 2,685, 07:36 Pubblicato in Poland Poland Svago Svago

Have you ever tought how many supid things you did just to complete a mission?
Then do something "clever" and endorse my article and be one step ahead for completing the next important mission. 🙂

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1000 gold mission completed

34 Giorno 2,557, 09:48 Pubblicato in Poland Poland Svago Svago

After 5 years in this game it's getting much harder to find new goals to keep me here. And when you don't have the will to follow your goals you must find one that is easy enough like pressing "collect gold" button. So now I'm the first person that

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62 Giorno 2,420, 07:55 Pubblicato in Poland Poland Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

Today is a very special day for eBulgaria. A miracle happened that few of us have ever thought it’s possible – leggi di più »

Crazy map

16 Giorno 1,876, 12:20 Pubblicato in Poland Poland Svago Svago

Hi 🙂
I’m writing this article because today I saw too many people wondering how it’s possible that Hungary can attack Turkey. We trust only to our eyes watching the map but few of us are checking the actual bordering regions in the country society

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2 billion is not a myth

25 Giorno 1,831, 00:48 Pubblicato in Poland Poland Analisi di guerra Analisi di guerra

Till yesterday the top damage for a campaign hero was 614,683,460 done by Flausino (a.k.a dark3If) while Bulgaria was on a trip in South America. That was impressive, that was not normal, that was insane. But today that score was beaten several

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