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Hari ke 1,732, 04:05 Diterbitkan di Croatia Kroasia oleh NoviTigar91


Viata politica tumultoasa ne obliga sa luam atitudine. Stiam deja, si istoria a demonstrat, ca poporul nostru este unul tradator, tradarea, pe langa minciuna, fiind o caracteristica importanta in componenta ADN-ului nostru. Probabil unii dintre voi o sa ma combata cu date si fapte ca am fost candva mari viteji si nu am avut chilotii murdari. De prea putine ori am fost fair-play pentru cei care ne-au ajutat atunci cand noua ne-a fost greu sa ne ajutam si incercam sa ne vindem damage-ul in Asia.

Iata-ne din nou, dupa cateva luni, in aceasi postura kamasutrica, actionand numai pentru bunastarea unor grupuri de interese, cum semnam, fara a avea o dezbatere publica, un tratat cu cei mai mari dusmani de erep: eSerbia si eUngaria.

Chiar daca votul a trecut de SMR si este deja aplicat tratatul (vezi regiunile care se elibereaza fara prea mare efort), cred ca sta in puterea noastra sa schimbam ceva. Chiar daca altii au decis in numele nostru, al celor multi, cei care zi de zi ne minunam de ceea ce se intampla si nu existam pentru ei decat in commenturile articolelor sau pe campul de lupta pe post de carne de tun, am gasit modalitatea de a salva, intr-o ultima clipa, onoarea noastra de militari, de romani si de oameni.

Avem o alianta, poate chiar o legatura de sange cu eCroatia, si astazi suntem pusi in postura de a lupta contra aliatilor nostri, numai ca votul din SMR se intoarce impotriva acestor grupuri de interes prin simpla noastra mutare in eCroatia si lupta noastra pentru eliberarea regiunilor.

(A se citi si articolul acesta.)

Brigada 1918 si UM Acvila nu vor intoarce niciodata spatele eRomaniei, dar nici nu vor lua parte la actiuni de tradare. Incepand de astazi, mebrii Acvila se vor muta in eSerbia si vor ajuta prin damage-ul lor la recuperarea regiunilor croate, salvand onoarea eRomanilor in fata aliatilor traditionali.

CROMANIA forever!

Acvila lupta astazi aici:


eRO`s tumultuous political life compel us to take a stand. We already know, and the history has shown it, that our people is a traitorous one, betrayal, along with lying, being an important detail in our DNA component. Perhaps some of you might argue by providing data and facts that we were once great warriors and we didn`t wear dirty underwears. But the reality is that we were too seldom fair-play with those who helped us when it was hard for us to help ourselves and when we were trying to sell out damage to Asia.

Here we are again, after several months, in the same kamasutra position, acting only for the welfare of some groups of interest, how we sign, without any public debate, a treaty with our greatest enemies in erep: eSerbia and eUngaria.

Even if the vote passed by SMR and the treaty is already in place (see the regions freed without too much effort), I think it is in our power to change something. Even if others decided on our behalf, we the many, those who wonder each day about what`s happening and who do not exist for them unless if we appear in articles` comments or on the battlefield as cannon fodder, we found a way to save, in the last minute, our honor as military people, as eRomanians and as men.

We have an Alliance, even a blood connection with eCroatia, and today we are put in the position to fight against our allies, but the SMR vote turns against these groups of interest, by simply moving in eCroatia and by our fight for freeing their regions .

(See also this article.)

The Party Brigada 1918 and the MU Acvila will never turn their back to eRomania, but we will not take part to any action of betrayal.

Starting today, all Acvila members will move to eSerbia and will help, by all damage available, to recover the Croatian regions, saving the honor of eRomanians in front of our traditional allies.

CROMANIA forever!

Acvila fights here today:



Mitzoi Hari ke 1,732, 04:12

CROMANIA forever!


Gustoso17 Hari ke 1,732, 04:18


Mitzoi Hari ke 1,732, 04:26

JILO earned a Battle Hero medal. 4 minutes ago

The Battle hero achievement was awarded for dealing the highest influence in the battle of Slavonia for Croatia against Serbia.


JILO Hari ke 1,732, 04:35


Leviatanul Hari ke 1,732, 05:34


Zelja Hari ke 1,732, 06:27


ADI CEP Hari ke 1,732, 07:28


Manistra na Pome
Manistra na Pome Hari ke 1,732, 09:14


serhio buskez
serhio buskez Hari ke 1,732, 09:20


ShortySkizzo Hari ke 1,732, 09:36


misteriozo Hari ke 1,732, 11:22

tnx brothers... we know romania is and will be croatian true ally...


Touche Awaay
Touche Awaay Hari ke 1,732, 11:34


Mitzoi Hari ke 1,732, 11:44

Senehestru earned a Battle Hero medal. 24 minutes ago

The Battle hero achievement was awarded for dealing the highest influence in the battle of Slavonia for Croatia against Serbia.

raul003 earned a Battle Hero medal. 25 minutes ago

The Battle hero achievement was awarded for dealing the highest influence in the battle of Slavonia for Croatia against Serbia.


Mitzoi Hari ke 1,732, 11:45

JILO earned a Battle Hero medal. 25 minutes ago

The Battle hero achievement was awarded for dealing the highest influence in the battle of Slavonia for Croatia against Serbia.


Karlo FTW
Karlo FTW Hari ke 1,732, 12:24


Zmaj330 Hari ke 1,732, 12:26

Who cares.

igor loncar
igor loncar Hari ke 1,732, 12:39

dildo iznad mene !!!

vote cromania

Mitzoi Hari ke 1,732, 13:06

CROMANIA cares, zmaj... : )

Giovanni 00
Giovanni 00 Hari ke 1,732, 13:23


rumburack Hari ke 1,732, 13:39

Sunt e-croat de peste un an ... si asa voi ramane
Din partea mea ... "Hvala" and "Zivjeli"!
o> respect

ElvenCRO Hari ke 1,732, 14:30


jon79 Hari ke 1,732, 15:05

not a member of any group, playing solo this game since the beginning with small breaks.
But the relations between Croatia and Romania have been the core of all major alliances, battles in the history of this game.
So I will remain on your side!

Mitzoi Hari ke 1,732, 15:05

o7 rumburack!

leanabele Hari ke 1,732, 15:14


Mitzoi Hari ke 1,732, 15:29

JILO earned a Campaign Hero medal. 32 minutes ago

The Campaign Hero achievement was awarded for dealing the highest influence in the campaign of Slavonia for Croatia against Serbia.


Tom Tomasic
Tom Tomasic Hari ke 1,732, 15:44

Svaka čast vama, ali nama ne baš...

Aahz_ZBK Hari ke 1,732, 15:49


plesky Hari ke 1,732, 19:00
fight that made no difference while 2,5m dmg could be usefull in Banat
started chasing me in 1,5 mil

Turbo Sperminator
Turbo Sperminator Hari ke 1,732, 19:21


Josipjo Hari ke 1,733, 01:30

I think u made a good deal! U claimed ur regions peacefully but u can still fight for ur friends!
Deal is only 1 month long, after that period serbs and hungarians can attack u again!

Fight for Croatia till then!

Tyr55 Hari ke 1,733, 01:49


flj00 Hari ke 1,733, 06:14

@Josipjo: that was part of the thinking - that we're more helpful to our allies this way. We loose 10% damage because we cannot NE the serbs, but we gain 60% and 20% more resources, for food and weapons, to use in fights for our allies.

Mitzoi Hari ke 1,733, 08:46

yes, honey...and "bend over" was part o the thinking too... ; )

Fanatic Vu
Fanatic Vu Hari ke 1,733, 09:55

CROMANIA forever o7

Zmaj330 Hari ke 1,733, 13:28

Mitzoi Day 1,732, 13:06

CROMANIA cares, zmaj... : )

Cares for what? We everyday see your pathetic stories about brotherhood but in reality u are just two countries with big RL frustration and with very limited ways of thinking. This is the reason why u have just few friends and allies in this game.

plesky Hari ke 1,733, 15:30

"Two countries with very limited ways of thinking"
"big RL frustration"

ahahahahahaha these words coming from a serb

zeusdinolimp Hari ke 1,733, 16:53

Cromania forever !

Gorki61_istra Hari ke 1,734, 00:08


DarkHorizon Hari ke 1,747, 06:05


WiCPa Hari ke 1,791, 10:35

v+s uzvrati ako te nemrzi 😃

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