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Day 3,787

Spring Weekly Challenge

Dear Citizens,

The Spring Weekly Challenge is back!

You will get 50% more energy as you advance on the Weekly Challenge and collect the carrots the Easter Bunny left behind. With every Energy Bar earned, you also get a carrot to keep you active on the Battlefield!

The Spring Weekly Challenge started today, Day 3,787 and ends on Day 3,793.

Have a wonderful and energized spring!

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Day 3,738

Valentine's Day: Love is a battlefield

Dearest Citizens,

Roses are red
Violets are blue
This Valentine's Day
We have 4 surprises for you!

Showing some love to almost Battle and Sky Heroes
On a regular day, it's not fun to get second place when chasing that elusive medal. On this Valentine's Day we're showing some love to the players who almost get the medal, as the player who comes in 2nd place will get twice as much gold as the one winning the medal. This will apply to battles that end during the Valentine's Day event.

The "Love" button
2 years ago, the warmongers in the community were not big fans of the Love Rain and the 50% less damage. Because we believe in second chances, this year the button comes back with a twist: each time the Love button is pressed, damage will not be affected but as long as the battle is not epic (or contested) an extra prestige point will be awarded. A good opportunity for all our hardcore players to show some love to the casual ones that dont get their regular share of epic battles.

Everybody loves strength
Since Sharing is Caring, show some love to the little ones by lending them your strength. To do this, just go on a someone's profile and select "Switch Strength." If they will accept it, the strength will be switched for the next two hours. The 2 hours are counted from the moment the request is sent and the higher strength is not taken into account for setting a Division Max Hit.

Love in the media
Because love should be spread all around us, all articles published on Day 3,739 that are related to Valentine's Day and eRepublik will be eligible for a Plato Foundation sponsorship. All you have to do to enter the competition is to submit your article on the Plato Foundation Discord Channel (or have a friend submit it). The Board members will choose their favorite articles and up to 14 lucky journalists will receive a reward of 100 Gold. The list of winners will be published on Day 3741 (Friday, February 16th).

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Day 3,657

Black Friday Weekend Epics

As some of you might have noticed, the dreaded Headless Chicken decided to join the party too and during some epic battles he interfered with some of our servers.

But since this 10 years Anniversary is dedicated to You, we decided to spite him and turn all ground battles epic for the duration of this weekend and allow everyone to fully enjoy this special Anniversary Weekly Challenge.

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Day 3,653

10th Anniversary of the New World

Dear Citizens,

For the 10th Anniversary of the New World, we have prepared for you ten days of celebration with gifts and memorable fights!
Make sure to log in every day during our 10 days long party and claim the gifts we have so thoughtfully picked for you. Please note that claiming one reward will unlock the other one. Meaning that if you log in every day, you will receive all the rewards, in order. Skipping one day or more will mean that you will pick up the rewards from where you left. For example, if you fail to log in on the second day, the next time you log in, you will receive the second reward. We also have a hint (and a disclaimer) for you - keep in mind that, just like the last year - the gift you will receive on the last day of the rewards streak will not count for your True Patriot progress.
The 10th Anniversary also brings back Contested battles - unlike an Epic Battle, which gives an extra Prestige Point, the Contested Battle will give 2 extra Prestige Points, therefore 3 in total.

To make Epic Battles more epic, on eRepublik’s Anniversary (Day 3,653) will you get to deal 100% more Damage per hit in all Battles.

If you are wondering about anniversary promotions, keep in mind that Black Friday is fast approaching and you should start saving up for the offers to come.

Happy Anniversary to you and us!

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Day 3,614

Ten days of mayhem - Updates and clarifications

Selecting the terrain
The attacking side's military leaders (Country Presidents, Dictators, Ministers of Defense, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Prime Ministers) will have the ability to choose the Attack Strategy by picking the terrains for the battles to come.
In case of Resistance Wars, the Resistance Force is the attacker and the military leaders of the country fighting to liberate the region will be able to set the Attack Strategy.

Attackers can set their Attack Strategy from the battle console, the wars list and the country military tab.
The terrains selected are valid per battle (round) and are valid for all the divisions of the battle (round). During a campaign, every terrain can be selected only once.

For dictatorship or liberation wars, the order of the terrains is randomly generated at the start of the campaign.
If the military leaders of a country do not select a default Attack Strategy, a random one will be generated.

Battles in progress at day change
The ongoing battles (rounds) at the start of the event will not change their rules and will not have the military rank bonus.
They will also not count in setting the epic thresholds for epic battles under the event rules.

Epic Battles
As announced, during the event, Battles will become epic once they go above the maximal damage of a battle fought in the same divisions over the last days. This will only apply during the Event days.
Only battles that started after day 3,615 00:00 will be considered for the maximal damage mechanic.
That also means that the first batch of battles to start after 3,615 00:00 will be the ones to set the first epic thresholds.

Example Scenario:
Battle 1 starts before 3,615 00:00 so standard rules and strength applies.
Battle 2 is the first one to start after 3,615 00:00 and no epic threshold is available for it.When it ends at 1h40 it will set the epic threshold of 1,000.
Battle 3 reaches the Epic threshold at 1h40 and becomes epic once battle 2 is finished. Battle 3 sets a new epic threshold of 1,200 when it ends.
Battle 4 reaches the Epic threshold at 2h20 and becomes epic. It sets a new epic threshold of 1,500 when it ends.
Battle 5 never makes the epic threshold and never becomes epic, ending at 1,200 damage.
Battle 6 and Battle 7 reach the 1,500 epic threshold at 3:20 and 3:40 respectively both becoming epics. Battle 6 sets a new threshold of 2,000 at 4:00. The new threshold will not affect the status of Battle 7 which remains epic until it ends.
The new threshold will only be considered for future battles or battles in progress that did not achieve epic status.

Based on your feedback, we have lowered the interval on which the threshold is based on to the previous 2 days .

Choosing Skills
A player can distribute its strength points at any time between one or more terrains.
As long as there are strength points available players can assign them to a terrain of their choice.

That means that a division one player with 40,000 strength points can decide to only allocate 20,000 Skill Points for a terrain at the beginning of the event and keep the remaining 20,000 for a later assignment.

If a player does not assign any Skill Points his skills for all the terrain will be 0.
A maximum of 40,000 Skill Points can be assigned to a terrain.

You can check other player’s skill by visiting their profile page or in their hovercards.

Reseting skills

In order to reset the skills a Reset Token is required.
Once used all the strength distributed in Skill Points will be added back to the available strength pool and you will be able to assign it to new skills.

Each citizen will get 5 Reset Tokens at the beginning of the event and will be able to purchase up to 10 more Reset Tokens.

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Day 3,607

Ten days of mayhem

“We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills;
we shall never surrender”
Winston Churchill

For 10 days, wise individual choices, insightful strategists and inspiring platoon leaders will be able to change the face of the new world well into its next decade.

During the event all the ground battles will require specific skills in order to maximize the damage of the soldiers, depending on the terrain the battle is fought on.
A citizen can boost their skills by choosing to use part of all of their current strength for a specific terrain type.
Based on their armies’ skills, country leaders will be able to choose the terrains the battles are fought on in order to maximize their damage.

Call your reservist friends back to arms and fight alongside once again for your country’s glory or your own profit!

The Event Battles will be fought on 14 different terrain types based on the choice of the attacker military leaders (Country Presidents, Dictators, Ministers of Defense and Ministers of Foreign Affairs).

Players can distribute their current strength over the 14 different terrain skills. During the event the terrain specific skill of the fighter will be used to compute the hit damage in a ground battle replacing the strength in the formula.

You can assign some or all of your strength points.
Assigning skill points can be done at any time as long as there is strength that was not assigned before (as after a training session).

In order to reset the skills you will need to use a special Skill Reset Token.
Each citizen will receive a number of complementary Skill Reset Tokens and a limited number of tokens will be available for purchase through the battlefield shop.
A token will reset all the assigned skills and the total strength of the player will be available for assigning once again.

The maximal skill the player can use depends of the division the player is fighting in as follows:

A division 2 player with 20000 strength can put all his skill into a single terrain type in order to maximize his chances at a Battle Hero Medal.
A division 3 player with 150000 strength and maverick pack can split his strength between 6 skills in order to optimize his chances of medals in divisions 1 and 2. Even if he has a skill of 25000 for a terrain when he is fighting in the first division only 20000 skill points will be use in the hit.
A division 4 player with 100000 strength can max 2 of his skills by assigning 40000 points to each and leave the remaining unassigned to use them if the need arise (as a massive combat order on a terrain he has no skill).

Military rank points
Military rank points obtained while fighting are calculated based on the total strength of the player and all the ground fights during the event will benefit of a 100% bonus for military rank points. Military Rank bonuses such as the one in the War Stash will not be applied to those extra rank points.

Epic Battles
During the event battles will become epic when the current damage of the battle is greater than the highest damage of the battles that ended in the previous 72 hours for the respective division.

If the highest damage of a division 1 battle that ended in the previous 72 hours is 10 millions and one or more division 1 battles in progress surpass that value all of them will become epic until the end of the battle. The one with the highest damage will set the new epic battle threshold for that division.

True Patriot Medal
During the event each True Patriot Medal will award 3 times as much currency.

Let us know what you think of the new updates on the eRepublik Forum.

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Day 3,577

League of Allies and Deploying Allied Forces

Throughout eRepublik history more than once astute military decisions and the ability of leaders to inspire armies brought victories to underdogs. Soldiers who fought alongside allies and forged friendships on the battlefield gained the admiration of their peers and the respect of their enemies.

We are happy to celebrate such deeds of valor with a new event: “League of Allies,” rewarding soldiers who go above the call of duty for their allies. In an attempt to even out the odds, we are also changing the way Mutual Protection Pacts work, adding an element of strategy to compensate raw numbers.

League of Allies

During the five days of the event, fighting for allies will enable every player to win gold and friends.

The event starts on day 3,583 at 00:00 and end day 3,587 at 23:59:59.

Players are grouped in 5 leagues, each named after a famous general. The distribution is based on the military activity during the last month.


Players will gather event points by using energy while fighting for their allies. Fighting in both direct battles and resistance wars involving your allies will count for this event. Look for the event icon on the wars list or on the battlefield when picking a valid battle which will bring you points.


Each day, 4 different Gold rewards are available; they can be unlocked by gathering event points. These are awarded when fighting for your allies in valid battles. Each league will have its own requirements and rewards.


The number of energy required for one event point is dependent on the league the player is in. I.e. a Julius Caesar league player gets 1 point after each 50 energy used in a battle for a side his country has an MPP with. If the player has a partial point at the end of the round, the point is not awarded. The energy for the partial point used IS NOT carried over to the following round or to another battle (round) or division.

As mentioned above, 4 Gold prizes are available to unlock every day by gathering the points required to complete the milestones. Unlocked prizes need to be claimed by the end of the day.

The players completing all the milestones will receive a decoration based on their league, with the effigy of the general who gives the name of the league.

The top performing players in each league will be rewarded with gold based on their placement in the top 100 ranks of the event (based on the total points gathered throughout the event).

Deploying Allied Forces

Starting day 3,579, military leaders (country presidents, dictators, prime ministers and defense ministers) will be able to choose the allies they wish to deploy in battles. Only by deploying an army will its soldiers be able to fight from their homeland, without the need to travel to the theater of war (as previously all the soldiers located in a country with a valid MPP were able to).

As financing a military campaign is an expensive undertaking, only forces amounting to 15% of the total military power of the world can be deployed for a battle and benefit from the fight from homeland advantage (the power of the country directly involved in the battle included).

The military power of each country is based on its citizens’ performance during the previous weekly challenge.

Allied armies are deployed in the order decided by the military leader. A deployment is valid for the future battles (rounds) and will not affect the ongoing battles.

For instance, assuming Russia has a military power of 1.84% and its president picks the deployment order A, Poland’s army will not be able to benefit of the fight from home perk. But by moving Poland up in the list of deployments, soldiers from Poland can fight from Polish territories.


The deployment order can be changed at any time from the wars page, the battle console or the country’s military page and is valid for future battles (rounds).

Let us know what you think of the new updates on the eRepublik Forum.

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Day 3,573

Raw materials denomination

Dear Citizens,

In order to increase competitiveness in the Raw Materials market starting Day 3,576 the Raw Materials production will be denominated by a factor of 100.
For these changes to come into effect, a scheduled maintenance will be performed during Day 3,576 starting 01h:00 eRepublik time.
During this maintenance, the game will not be available, all Raw Materials offers on the Marketplace will be canceled and products return to inventories and the amounts in citizen inventories will be denominated. After the update the new amounts will be available to sell.
Please note that in order to maintain inventory space balance, 1 unit of denominated Raw Materials will take up 100 inventory slots.

Example: 100234 Raw Materials units will become 1002.34 units and will occupy 100200 inventory slots.
Before denomination, one would sell 100234 Raw Materials units at 0.04 Currency per unit.
After denomination an equivalent offer would be: sell 1002 Raw Materials units at 4.00 Currency per unit.
The 0.34 fraction will remain in the inventory.

New production values for Raw Materials will thus become:

Example: At Base Production, a Grain Farm will produce 0.35 Food Raw Materials every day, taking 3 days to create one unit of denominated Food Raw Materials. Partial production will be stored and shown in inventory.
Finished goods Factories’ (Weapons, Food, Houses and Aircraft Weapons) Raw Materials production requirements have also been denominated. These values represent Base Production for 0% productivity bonuses.

Note: in order to avoid erroneous offers on the Marketplace, a temporary protection valid until the end of September will disallow selling Raw Materials at a price below 1 Currency.

Let us know what you think of it on the eRepublik Forum.

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Day 3,550

Official Launch of the Plato Foundation Project

Dear Citizens,

We are happy to announce the official launch of the Plato Foundation Project!

Starting today you can submit your projects on the dedicated Discord channel. The first recipients of sponsorships and grants will be announced on Tuesday, August 15th (Day 3,556), with lists coming out weekly for the duration of the Project.

You can revisit the rules and requirements for projects on the eRepublik Forum, keeping in mind that they might still be altered in the future to better fit the Foundation’s goals. This being said, you can share any other inquiries or suggestions in the same place.

Account security

On another note, we want to remind you about the importance of having a secure password for your eRepublik account. Due to recent concerns, we strongly advise you to update your password.

Sharing the same password on various services makes your accounts vulnerable to credential stuffing attacks.

You can check if your email was part of a security breach here.
You can read about credential stuffing attacks here.

To create a new password please use the Forgot Password link on the login page or you can do it from here.

*Please note that Changing password is not available when logging in with Facebook.

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Day 3,541

Share some feedback on our latest project!

Dear Citizens,

As you know, Plato likes to support the Citizen’s efforts of building the community and likes to reward all those who walk the extra mile to make The New World a better place. This is why he came up with the idea of a Foundation which will encourage these initiatives.

However, because he wants to do this for the community and wants to do it right, he needs your help. The plans are all laid down on paper, but nothing is set in stone. Thus, we invite you to go over them and leave your input.

Whether it’s suggestions, proposals for members, questions or feedback, we’d love to hear it all.

Let us know what you think of it on the eRepublik Forum

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