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[SOS] JRPG music !

6 Dan 2,071, 20:29 Objavljeno u Japan Japan Društvene aktivnosti i zabava Društvene aktivnosti i zabava

Hi guys !

During the days of the last PP elections, I promised Kitarou and some SOS members I would try to start some kind of contests and games to help our country citizens avoid just twoclicking for the eternity. So, here comes my first attemp !

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Nice try guys

6 Dan 2,055, 08:11 Objavljeno u Japan Japan Političke rasprave i analize Političke rasprave i analize

So now it seems the PTOers that could no longer use their's multies to control us want to win this elections with an impeach law, using the congress seats they gained when they could still use their multies.

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[MoF] Orgs rental and donation system !

15 Dan 1,942, 18:52 Objavljeno u Japan Japan Financijsko poslovanje Financijsko poslovanje

Hi, citizens of eJapan !

At last our congress approved one law ! Please, lets encourage them so they will approve the next one this year :3

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[MoF] Getting started.

10 Dan 1,934, 08:00 Objavljeno u Japan Japan Financijsko poslovanje Financijsko poslovanje

Hi eCitizens of eJapan ^^.

Now that we have liberated our beloved eCountry again we won’t have RWs for a while, so we can focus on building our defenses again and saving some money to win more … čitaj više »

We did it !

67 Dan 1,931, 07:11 Objavljeno u Japan Japan Analiza ratovanja Analiza ratovanja

And thus the war ended, and a brand new future came to eJapan.

Thank you to all the warriors that have fight for eJapan and special thanks to Sir Robin Ibz, Angelkovic and Shadowmaniac for all those hours making this possible.

This is yours

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