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The Official Newspaper of Iranian MoFA

[Iran] : Thank you for your supports

28 Dan 1,329, 14:43 Objavljeno u Poland Poland Analiza ratovanja Analiza ratovanja

I'm here to officially say thanks to our dear allies ,POLAND and HUNGARY .Today we had a war with China that was very hard .because they set their COTD to war with us ! but we won ,just because our allies , specially Poland and Hungary.

So It’s

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eIran - eChina Training War - Contract

31 Dan 1,285, 14:26 Objavljeno u Iran Iran Političke rasprave i analize Političke rasprave i analize

Gratings with the best regards to anyone who is reading this contract from eIran government. This contract is about a training war which is going to happen between eIran and eChina for a specific period of time.

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Latifa is in our thought and prayers -- eIran MoFA

41 Dan 1,277, 09:11 Objavljeno u Hungary Hungary Političke rasprave i analize Političke rasprave i analize

Dear Indonesian brothers and sisters.

We were informed today that your long time MoFA and a great member of eRepublik community has passed away. On behalf of the Iranian community, I would like to express our deepest condolences. Although this

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War Days - Brotherhood Forever - IRanian MoFA

39 Dan 1,240, 15:06 Objavljeno u Serbia Serbia

During the past few days, we all saw this message again and again, during the war with "Bulgaria" who had
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وزارت امور خارجه - دو درخواست

51 Dan 1,177, 04:00 Objavljeno u Iran Iran


یکی دو تا نکته هست، باید خدمتتون عرض کنم

کی اینکه خواهشا سر خود هر کجا که حال کردید انقلاب نکنید. یا اگر کردید، عواقبش رو هم قبول کنید. همین الآن ببینید کیا حرف ان … čitaj više »