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The Iron Agreement, recent allied NEs and region stats

Dan 1,846, 14:40 Objavljeno u United Kingdom Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo od Thomas765

So basically I'm bored and feel the need to do an article in my rest time after doing coursework. So here's the article. It sort of passes on from the last article I did which details the change in who we are allied to.

Current alliances; I did this before I knew ABC disbanded and before USA declared it was trying out CoT.

This image includes every nation we've been involved in a war with, from training war to a real war. Some of the information came from the wiki, so may not be entirely correct as a result, some nations may not be included. But yeah, it's pretty cool.

On with the article...

Romania signs an agreement with Hungary
In an act that is very likely to cause controversy among citizens of EDEN, particularly those of the Turkey-Ukraine-Argentina bloc, Romania has signed an agreement with Hungary. Now that's not where the controversy will be at. Nations have signed agreements before. However, it's because Romania are agreeing to rent out - for money - the region of Bukovina, which is an original region of Ukraine, a fellow EDEN member. The original article can be found here.

The treaty that the two countries have signed will benefit Hungary financially and Romania in terms of resources. Here are the details of "The Iron Agreement":

1. Hungary offer to rent Bukovina for 70.000 CC/month.
2. Romania eligible to rent Bukovina region to 07/01/2013.
3. This agreement can be extended with an appendix that be signed by both CPs.
4. This agreement will be unfolded if Hungary will broke the Timisoara Agreement.
5. This agreement will overwrite the Timisoara Agreement at the time when Romania put NE on Hungary to reach the control of Bukovina.
6. When Bukovina is controlled by Romania both sides will need to use the terms of Timisoara Agreement.
7. Romania have to donate the monthly renting cost to eMagyar Nemzeti Bank ( in two pieces. First will become due after signing the agreement, and the second will become due when Romania conquer Bukovina region.
8. After Romania put NE on Hungary they will wait at least 24 hours, after that they put attack manually to have battle in Bukovina (the battle for Bukovina can started at 20:15 12/10/2012). After they conquer Bukovina they will wait the auto attack time, and before auto attack they will attack Northern Great Plain region manually. But in Northern Great Plains region they can not win.
9. After the 7 days limit will expire Romania will propose No NE law, after this the two country will sign peace treaty.

It may be a few days until we see any proper reaction from EDEN HQ but given as they did not sanction Turkey for invading allies, I doubt that there will be one. The president of Ireland has already stated that he will not be renewing a MPP with Romania as a result of the agreement.

Serbia NEs France; Poland NEs Turkey
It seems that our good friends in the Balkans, Serbia are going against our mortal enemy. The intention of their war is to forcibly pick up Aquitaine and thus complete their plan to get 100% weapon bonuses to France's disadvantage. France are probably going to be wiped once again as their Country President fears and is trying to sort the situation out. It was feared after Poland released Provence Alpes Azur and Corsica to France.

Meanwhile, our other good friend, Poland have set Turkey as Natural Enemy in what has so far been an epic war. Poland are currently winning with a larger number of points and given that TWO/CoT are having more of an advantage during the night time, Turkey will likely face great difficulty for the next few days.

Wiped Nations
At the time of publishing this article, a total of _ nations have no regions.

Nations without any regions:
- Albania (EDEN)
- Australia (pro-EDEN)
- Bosnia and Herzegovina (EDEN)
- Czech Republic (neutral)
- Denmark (neutral; merger with Germany)
- Egypt (pro-EDEN; PTO'd by Croatians)
- Montenegro (neutral)
- Netherlands (EDEN)
- Singapore (neutral)
- Portugal (EDEN)
- United Arab Emirates (neutral)

Nations with only one region
- Estonia (formerly ABC; Pro-TWO/CoT)
- Malaysia (neutral)
- North Korea (neutral)
- Norway (EDEN)
- Pakistan (neutral)
- Ukraine (EDEN)
- Uruguay (neutral; only one region to begin with)

Regions by alliance (as of this morning (eGov4you stats)

Circle of Trust: 79
- CoT Trial Members: 6
- Overall: 85
- Most regions: Chile (17)
- Least regions: Peru; Paraguay (2)
- Average number of regions per member: 6.5 (inc Lith); 6.07 (exc Lith)

The World is Ours: 153
- Most regions: Poland (45)
- Least regions: United Kingdom (12)
- Average number of regions per member: 25.5
Pro-TWO/CoT: 23

Erepublik Defence and Economic Network: 114
- Garden of EDEN: 16
- Overall: 130
- Most regions: China (38)
- Least regions: Albania, Bosnia, Netherlands, Portugal, Ukraine (0)
- Average number of regions per member: 7.125 (exc. GEA), 7.22 (inc GEA)
Pro-EDEN: 13

Ex-Terra; Anti-EDEN: 87

Asgard: 16

So yeah, that is pretty much it. So, err, thanks for reading 🙂
- Thomas765
(former UK Minister of Foreign Affairs; President)


Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dan 1,846, 14:45

Nice work from our former ministers this month : )

GregoryG Dan 1,846, 14:45


Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Dan 1,846, 14:57


Kolorowy Dan 1,846, 15:09

This Anti-EDEN is official? 😉

Thomas765 Dan 1,846, 15:10

Nah, I just didn't want to leave out BRUSa

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Dan 1,846, 15:17

Good article.

Kolorowy Dan 1,846, 15:23

Too bad, it would be funny if Anti-EDEN was real 😉

Wildrunner Dan 1,846, 16:20

the anti-eden block exists but it's not entirely a solid block so this gives eden some breathing space which is cool otherwise they will be bulldozed over and all of us agree that we don't want a dead eden, current zombie-eden is the most entertaining thing in the game

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Dan 1,846, 16:31

Good info

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Dan 1,846, 16:59


lancer450 Dan 1,846, 18:16

Voted. : )

MaryamQ Dan 1,846, 20:59

NIce work, and very informative!

Niemand Dan 1,846, 22:19


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