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Report about the National Treasury + Leaked War Info

Dan 1,900, 05:56 Objavljeno u Austria Austrija od II. Dexx

As a citizen of this country and in the name of all the others who are mostly just treated as voting machines by the leadership, I ask the government to create a report about the current status of the national treasury.

As you have our tax whenever we work, sell or buy something, the people do have the right to know what happens with their money.

Create a complete list about all the government organizations, about the food, the weapons, the golds and the currency stored in them, and about the people who have acces for these organizations.

It would be great if the next governments of eAustria would do this at the beginning and at the end of their terms.


EDIT: The lack of skills and will to lead this country in a better way is disturbing. I try to help the community pinpointing the problems we are facing these times, but still the leaders do nothing. I just wrote an article to our government about the lack of official communication, but instead of publishing articles about our latest war they just tried to offend me and my friends. Below my previous article now we can see some answers. It is a great schame that the people of eAustria know about such decisions from a Prime Minister of a foreign country, leaking official coms.


Vreath Dan 1,900, 06:38

There was one report in November:

Due to strategical reasons concerning hackers, enemies etc. we cannot publish a report every month, so we do not draw the attention of them onto our finances.
But do not worry, there are regular reports.

II. Dexx
II. Dexx Dan 1,900, 06:46

Strategic reasons! ROFLMAO Hackers? : D Sure... If someone want to hack it, he will know the name of the org anyway. So it should not be an excuse.

You say you can not publish every month, but there are regular reporst. To who? By who? And when? Somewhen in november every year? : D

lol it's a joke. If someone thinks eAustria is in danger if you publish the org names that is a very stupid person.

The reason is there are too lazy people in the government who just want to sit there at the top of the nation's wealth. The problem is they do nothing. We were at war and there were no articles about it. No official articles, the leaders simply do NOTHING.

The people can only hope you do not steal our tax.

Rangeley Dan 1,900, 06:47

Dexx, if you believe not publishing a full listing of assets is disrespectful, and treating people as "voting machines," what do you consider it when an individual misleads an entire nation in order to gain the reigns of power before declaring himself emperor and a PTO as you did? Do you consider this a respectful way to treat a nation and preferable?

II. Dexx
II. Dexx Dan 1,900, 06:59

Rangeley: I did not mislead you. The only loss for eAustria was the giveaway of Burgenland. Still our country was the biggest and strongest in those times. Remember that we ended the treaty with Slovakia and retook our original region. We did it. The kuruces. As you stole the national orgs except one, the Kuruc Sereg and a few austrian civilian could fought mainly from kuruc emergency supplies. ..and we WON those battles, against the slovaks, and against you who fought on their side against eAustria.

So, basicly we always served the interest of this nation, you only have problems with us because we do not want you in the leadership. Why would we want you in? You do nothing.

I made the community active. I made the forums active. I created the new forums for everyone. You just stole the orgs, refused to give supplies in the army to those you did not like, also remember the JaFe incident. You were and still are a mostly inactive group who just use the money of the community.

You simply lack the skills and the will to lead is country in a good way.

..and at last Rangeley, it is interesting that below this article and below the previous one you only make attacks, but except Vreath's attempt here you simply do not even think about the problems I wrote about.

It is because you are the reason of the problems. If the country want to solve it's problems it needs to put you far away from leading positions

Rangeley Dan 1,900, 08:16

When you ran for president either time, did you state you would declare yourself emperor and ban from politics anyone who did not recognize your primacy in Austrian affairs? Did you state you would void the agreement with Slovakia (per the text, this could only be done unilaterally at the start of a term or mutually at any time)? When you eased concerns about a mass immigration by drafting an agreement about the Kurucs, did it state all would be accepted and they would be used as your personal voting bloc?

Rather than state these things, you would make assurances to the contrary before later carrying out the above actions.

You take credit for creating a new forum. After being trusted to be an admin of the old forum, you subsequently closed it and turned it into a redirect to a new “imperial forum.” You take credit for making an active community; well sure, after taking all these actions (as you said at the time, removing your mask,) many people became more active to oppose you. But it is worth noting, beforehand, you faced many of the same problems other presidents face with activity from people.

By no means is the current government perfect, or any government we have had perfect. But the system we have, which by the way you rose up in, is an open one which allows active and interested people to rise up. This system isn’t perfect either - once in a while someone will rise up who wants to prevent anyone else from rising the same path he took. But over time, many people of many perspectives have been able to become involved and have more enjoyment from the game than if they were banned from politics. For a small nation, we have ended up having a great degree of political stability compared to other similarly sized nation, even when considering people who abuse the system. We’ve been better off for the openness.

Rangeley Dan 1,900, 08:23

For everyone who has abused trust, it is a rather encouraging reflection on people that there are many more who do not. It's not that they couldn't abuse trust, but that even with the opportunity they choose to honor it.

I recommend you re-read my post in your other article as I agreed more openness and communication is always ideal. But to simply address your concerns “on face value” would miss the real nature of your posts. You didn’t lead through openness; you didn’t lead through communicating intent. You decieved people to gain “power” and then attempted to use this “power” to ban the people who trusted you into the role to begin with. Implicit in your criticism, far from the idea that you truly care for things that you purposely neglected when you had the chance, is the idea that a government led by your handpicked elites would be superior to an open system.

We only have to look at other small nations who tried this method to see that it ultimately leads to stagnation (first from the excluded community, later the bored leadership) and a later weakness that leaves it vulnerable to PTO’s and whoever wants to move in. While things are not perfect here in Austria, it is far better off than the ultimate endgame that a system of excluding "all those who do not recognize you as emperor" would produce.

Harzakc Dan 1,900, 08:27

please stop paying attention to this ridiculous prentenses...

Mogyi Dan 1,901, 13:59


JaFe Dan 1,901, 14:27

JaFe incident... oh you (:

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