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[POTUS] Updates on all fronts

Dan 1,795, 06:31 Objavljeno u USA SAD od Pfeiffer.
From the desk of the President

Good morning, America.

So, I've been trying to publish for like 36 hours now...but life kept getting in the way. I actually came to work early today specifically to finish this article.


The Department of the Interior has been chugging along. Kodos and Beach Bunny keep things rolling, and there aren't any new programs to announce here right now.

However, another 'domestic' issue is the PTO threat we still face. We held all of our parties on the 15th, and on Monday (maybe late Sunday) I'll be announcing a new program to combat our foes...and we'll need many hands to make light work of it. If you've been looking for a way to get involved, be sure to check back on Monday.

We haven't missed any donations in Congress, IES is doing it's job, and the last completely scientific random poll done shows that 417% of America prefers Pie to Cake.

Foreign Affairs

Things have been getting pretty intense here. Issues with Poland and CTRL, as I'm sure you've heard. I'm afraid that experiment might be over, and we'll know conclusively and permanently by the end of the weekend. It's a shame, because I feel like if Poland simply had a more mature and honest President we wouldn't be having any of these problems.

We're invading Austria. That's going well, and has been fun. Everyone loves a Natural Enemy, and I particularly enjoy invading things. So, go out and kill some's fun.

In that vein, a thank you to the President of France for his help getting French players living in America to vote for ATO candidates in the last elections. He made a statement, attached below:

Everyone, or at least almost, are aware about how the relation between USA and France has been destroyed. Noone really moved before to get this story clear. And today, I am glad and proud to announce that Henry Pfeiffer Arundel and I did the first move together. France and USA are currently working together hand in hand and we sorted things out. Both of the sides were to blame and we went ahead and helped each others. I personnaly thank Henry Pfeiffer Arundel, Vanek26, Artela, kev2969, fingerguns for the cooperation and help, also the will to improve our relations.
France has been an ally of USA for a long time already and it was a waste to let this be broken, we’re back on the road.

Thank you USA.

President of France

Other stuff

because Hilary memes are awesome

Maxx Johnson has been working hard in the DoD, we're attempting to streamline a few things and increase efficiency even more.

My lovely Vice President fingerguns wrote an article you should read. Her call for people to join the meta game is important, because far too many people ignore it, and then complain about not being included in meta game decisions that are based solely on using game mechanics to our best collective advantage. Read it now.

I changed my name since the last article, adding 'Pfeiffer' as my middle name. I'm hopeful that this will clear up some confusion about my in game and forum accounts, and help new players recognize me more easily.

A happy second birthday to iNCi. Your mothers are with me, panpas. cCc Pfeiffer siker cCc zaaaaaaxD 😛

Be sure to tune in to eNPR tonight. fingerguns and I will entertain and inform you...and probably tell some horrible jokes. Letters to fingerguns will be happening, so if you have ANY questions, send her a message. Seriously, any question.

As always, if you need anything or have questions, just message me. I am here to help.

Yours in Service,
~Henry Pfeiffer Arundel
President of the United States

PS - fingerguns made my sexy new header. be jelly.


Fettis Dan 1,795, 06:32


stewy Dan 1,795, 06:43

😮 possibly no more CTRL?? bout time... can we take poland now? that pink color is bothering me, its just so big n pretty, i want it

Slade Cash
Slade Cash Dan 1,795, 06:45

epic new program will be epic


Stan Brown
Stan Brown Dan 1,795, 06:54


Uschmidt Dan 1,795, 06:57

Voted. I said 2593 times: i dont trust Poland :🙂. Shite as always. Hope you have a good plan to get rid off that AFA-idiots. Never such a bunch of idiots.

Uschmidt Dan 1,795, 06:57


KiltJoy Dan 1,795, 06:58

yikes, Jowls attack!

Meta-Game On!

Malpazar Dan 1,795, 07:10


chickensguys Dan 1,795, 07:21

I am pretty sure you lost some parties bro

Helldarr Dan 1,795, 07:25

You have attacked Austria to get to Hungary. In process you have broken MPP with Poland and attacked Polish long time friend nation that has done nothing wrong to you.
You go for attacking Hungary to MAKE Poland to defend it . I say its treason. I thought better of you...
You do all to break CTRL with all speed possible . I guess wishes to Turkish *(EDEN) INCI has nothing to do with it.


fingerguns Dan 1,795, 07:29

I want to troll you, but I actually have the visibility to know what's going on 🙁

You're doing a good job, Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer. Dan 1,795, 07:30

Yes, I accuse the Polish President of saying one thing and doing another, of ignoring promises he made, and of outright lying to people in his newspaper. Talk to Prophet or k0stek, they were both in all those meetings and they know what actually happened.

Have a nice day.

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Dan 1,795, 07:42

Helldar if you account the number of "long time friends" from the USA and Brazil that Spoland attacked in the last 30 days and the USA accepted you will realize that the way USA and Brazil were approaching the alliance was different that the way Spain and Poland were.

USA/Brazil looked at this as something new without liens to the past. Spain and Poland approach this has a good deal for them, and still keeping most of the "old friends".

Not pointing fingers...

Helldarr Dan 1,795, 08:04

The only country that Poland attacked was Canada who attacked Spain - CTRL member.USA did not help his ally - it goes to Austria and Hungary to make war witth Poland. Poland did not attack any other country . It did help soem others with MPP but so did USA (example - China - Serbia). Wasnt it you Hennry who said that Poland can MPP Hungary cos you MPP Croatia? And now you try to attack Hungary? And its Poland you accuse? Traitor I say. Go to your INCI friends you INCI boy. USA is PTOed already

Helldarr Dan 1,795, 08:05

Looking at your example Brasilian CP should remember about Nemesis birthday as well....

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Dan 1,795, 08:11

Just to be clearer - Spoland attacked...

Portugal, France, Colombia, Ireland and Canada.

And the USA and Brazil did help Spain on many of this battles

Pfeiffer. Dan 1,795, 08:14

No, I said because they would never drop their Hungarian MPP, I was picking up Croatia. It was Serbia that was my sticking point.

Stop believing the bullshit Pierre is spewing and talk to k0stek about those discussions.

Helldarr Dan 1,795, 08:15

USA was busy attacking Austria and getting to Hungary to collapse CTRL according to EDEN wishes.
Did they threaten you to join forces against you? Probably.

Portugal? Isnt it the country that attacks CTRL mamber Spain daily?
Colombia as well?
Canada as well?
Ireland? wasnt it befire CTRL was called? And only because UK was NEed? it was !!!
Stop lying... USA choose Spain over you but it seems the wind is changing.

Pfeiffer. Dan 1,795, 08:17

You're an incredibly poor troll, I'm done engaging you.

Helldarr Dan 1,795, 08:19

Henry just say them truth. You NEED INCI to help you stay at CP. To stop one party that was so close to win. You need EDEN members so you forfeit CTRL. Just say it. thats why you make wishes to them. Those who threatened country openly, those who sell CP since for ever. thsoe that you tried to get rid off . read articles from past 2 POTUS.
The wind has changed - you trie to fight fire with fire - you will get burned

Rona1d Dan 1,795, 08:22

Helldarr shut up and deal with the fact that CTRL is over, cmon

Pfeiffer. Dan 1,795, 08:23

Helldarr, you are an idiot. That is all.

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Dan 1,795, 08:25

Helldar Portugal was an ally of Brazil and USA before CTRL and we did not attacked Spain, quite the opposite, Spain invaded us (as the USA are invading Austria - see the similarities).

The Colombian/Canadian/Irish attacks on territories held by Spain (never Spanish original territories) were done to help Portugal. Why is Austria different.

Helldarr Dan 1,795, 08:26

Truth hurts. And yes Ronald its over. So why Henry hides the truth from his citizens? Why doesnt he say why he attacked Austria and why he will attack Hungary? Why all those lies?

Helldarr Dan 1,795, 08:27

John Bokinski the difference is simple Spain si CTRL founder Portugal not

Pfeiffer. Dan 1,795, 08:36

The difference is that USA followed the CTRL charter and Poland didn't.

Helldarr Dan 1,795, 08:46

USA lost MPP after Greek congressmen leaked confidential data. Dont ,mess facts around. way before CTRL was announced

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Dan 1,795, 08:51

I am comparing Portugal with Austria not Spain. Please read what I have written

Helldarr Dan 1,795, 08:54

You compare attack against Portugal/Columbia/Canada who attacked SPAIN to attack on Austria who attacked noone.

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Dan 1,795, 09:18

Portugal never attacked Spain.... all the wars between Spain and Portugal started with Spain invading Portugal. You can check....

All I am saying is that the attack of the USA to Austria (former ally of Spain/Poland) is similar to the attack of Spain to Portugal (former ally of USA and Brasil). In the case of Portugal, the USA and specially Brasil helped a lot Spain. So I would expect that Spain and Poland would support the USA in Austria, instead of the current criticism. Easy to understand.

Bikkin Dan 1,795, 09:21

Really very funny. US-people crying about HunSer MPPs yet they still have ~8 Edenite one, including at least 3 major one.
The real problem is that you thought CTRL means that YOU are in CTRL. Definitely you were wrong when supposed forcing your directives on would-be allies/friends.

Artela Dan 1,795, 09:26

Helldarr. You are an idiot who doesn't seem to have all the information.
You should stop talking - all you are doing is confirming the depth of your derpitude.

Ariakis Dan 1,795, 09:40

"Why doesnt he say why he attacked Austria and why he will attack Hungary?"

And who the fuck cares about Austria or Hungary? They are not members of CTRL, they are not Balkan countries so attacking them perfectly fits into CTRL policy of distancing from Balkans.

Bikkin Dan 1,795, 09:46

Ariakis: if Hungary is not a Balkanian country (and truly she is not), why were the complete American media screaming about Poland having an MPP with us?

Pfeiffer. Dan 1,795, 09:48

The complaint was with Serbia, Bikkin. Seriously, all of you people are idiots. Hungary is fine to keep if Poland will drop Serbia.

Helldarr Dan 1,795, 10:06

Thats why you want to attack it? LOL thats what I call real USA diplomacy. Hungary is ok lets attack it.

Pfeiffer. Dan 1,795, 10:09

The point is to present Poland an opportunity to make a choice. Honor their agreement to the charter...or don't. But, it seems clear Pierre has no intention of honoring his word.

Bikkin Dan 1,795, 10:12

Wrong answer, PotUS. And sadly it seems that your nation is still too young to have learnt that one does not give an ultimatum to his friends.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,795, 10:12

Pfeiffer is really good at lying and manipulating his way in to power, as demonstrated by the fact that the AMP, which is a much stronger party keeled to him because their two most powerful leaders, Cerb & Palestinian Stevens, are very good friends of his.... same with the Feds with fingerfail coming back and partnering them up, and the difference in the election was INCI. If INCI voted for Hanibal, he would've won. 128 vote swing = a different winner...

and YOU are the PTO.....

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,795, 10:14

Pfeiffer has been PTOing me since the CvP Election in July, 2009.... he has nothing else to do...... this is what this guy lives for.... McDonalds & eRepublik.....

and I think someone who stole the eUSA treasury in another game is just a little bit more dangerous than a long-term American citizen who happens to be from Bosnia, a country the US is historically very friendly with, and when we have had an Albanian CP, Julian Mizu, and your puppet, former ONE CP Artela.

Ariakis Dan 1,795, 10:14

There were two minor reasons:
- Hungary is an old time enemy of USA and is not that liked,
- is involved in a 'eternal war' at least most of the times when there's no NAP between Hungary and Romania, which can be thrown into one bag with other Balkan eternal wars, as both Romania and Hungary are involved there, even if they are not Balkan by geography

Third could be spoken out if Poland would propose Hungary as member of CTRL.

Helldarr Dan 1,795, 10:15

Artela: Helldarr. You are an idiot who doesn't seem to have all the information.
USA is going to attack Hungary? - True?
USA uses INCI to stop "other" party? true?
so what am i saying wrong?

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,795, 10:17


Ariakis Dan 1,795, 10:19

Besides Hungary is on a way to Serbia, but then again if USA would attack Serbia Poles would show up with their logic telling that USA acts against charter by being involved in Balkan conflict. 😛

So - attacking/supporting attack on
- previous US ally = OK
- country not being on Balkan Penisula - not ok
- country being on Balkan penisula - not ok

Awesome Prussia
Awesome Prussia Dan 1,795, 10:44


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,795, 10:54

If we are about to leave CTRL why are we still fighting for Poland?

Pfeiffer. Dan 1,795, 10:59

Where are we doing that, CHS/Dru/Ichabod?

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Dan 1,795, 11:36

pretty sure if the US ends up not part of CTRL, that alliance will continue without us and the US will move on to develop or join another alliance. the e-world doesn't turn on US-Poland relations.

and no matter what the US does, the AFA will spin it to their advantage, and Ajay The Tripper will continue to confuse this game with another and with RL

nothing new, certainly nothing earth-shattering.
this game continues to be a study of the lowest common denominators in human behavior.

Norbengo Dan 1,795, 11:47

So basically, you forced Poland to choose between us and eSerbia and it somehow backfired?
I wonder why...

SPOLAND never meant to betray its allies. Unlike you elites, they do indeed respect friends.

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