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WHPR: Day 1,891 - Congressional Frenzy

1,891 jour, 21:14 Published in USA États-Unis de James S. Brady Press Room

White House Press Room - Day 1,891: Congressional Frenzy!

America, it’s our time to shine

Dateline: Wednesday, January 23rd (Day 1,891)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR
1. Congressional Instructions
2. ATO Party Standings
3. Romanian Call to Arms

Secretary of the Media, CivilAnarchy

Evening America,
If you haven’t noticed, despite the hundreds of Congressional articles and Max’s fantastic election instructions, Congressional elections are nearly upon us. Last election occurred during Christmas, where we had a traditionally low turn out for voters. Unfortunately, the AFA, a party highly comprised of foreign voters, was not as affected by this change as the general populace of eAmerica was. Due to this fact, the AFA was able to take 34% of Congress, not enough for a majority, but enough to block Impeachments, and other votes that require a ⅔ majority.

That makes this election highly important, not only to break the 33% threshold, but also a moral victory. Lots of people debate over who’s winning the battle, the ATO or the PTO. While Presidential results favor the ATO group heavily, the last few months haven’t been so kind in the Congressional arena. If we can reduce the AFA’s percentage, to below 34%, or even preferably below 33% as to prevent a Impeachment block, that would signify a great victory on the side of the ATO. At this point, we already know that the AFA is losing overall momentum on their importation of voters. They’re also losing momentum in the country president races, and haven’t been able to repeat their performance of several months ago. With this in mind, a victory during congressionals would take away the one, final, rallying cry of their movement. Therefore, it is our responsibility to fight for this threshold. Our responsibility to turn the wall from 34 to below 33, not just for practical reasons, but also for the strength of the eAmerican Community on the whole.

So come Election Day, vote We The People, United States Workers Party, American Military Party, or Federalist Party. Each party has a slew of national, qualified, and incredibly competent congressmen just waiting to hit the national stage. These are people you can trust to follow IES regulation, facilitate their duties as Congressmen, be active in their political views, and overall, create a strong legislature.

Contrbuting Writer: Hale26

Following the epic loss by our resident PTOers this last election cycle in the USWP and various other small parties, the AFA has changed their strategy a bit.

Plan B- Make a second party and get it into the T5.

The AFA has used this plan before, but this time they seem to have started for scratch (No inactives or anything.) Due to the fact that their numbers are growing to a threatening level, it seems that we're going to have to send in people from other parties to the party most of risk for being kicked of the T5.

Those parties, at present, are USWP and WTP

Though we're dead certain that the AFA doesn't have the numbers to get two T5s, we need to start moving people to WTP and USWP until further notice. So if you want to help in the ATO and keep our country out of the hands of the PTO'ers, please move to USWP or WTP.

Muchos Gracias

Aside- When looking at WTP's numbers, I'm asking all of you subtract 10ish from the total. See, since the last PTO effort WTP has managed to unexpectedly retain around 10-20 Serbians/Serbian affiliates. We suspect that the AFA may be bolstering our numbers with these people, only to pull them when we think we're safe.
Fake sense of security scheme, basically.

Contributing Writer: Sir Gulden Draak
This past weekend, you probably noticed this article which reached the Top 5 and calls for all Romanian players to leave the AFA. This article received quite a bit of attention from players across the nation. Those who believe the AFA to be a PTO threat praised the article, while members of the AFA called the author a traitor.

The exact effects of this article are difficult to determine at this point in time. While the AFA has dropped from its spot as the top party, this drop is in part due to movement to Euro American Union in an attempt to boost that party into the top 5 before congress elections. The exact effects of this article will be revealed after congress elections have taken place. However, one has to think that after several failed CP elections, that the AFA is losing some of the steam it once had. This upcoming congress election is therefore of utmost importance, and I encourage all citizens to vote for their favorite party this Friday.

The IES procedure is the only legitimate way of gaining recognized citizenship in the eUS. Those who gain citizenship through any other means result in being blacklisted by the national government. Bribes, spamming congressmen, and accepting offers from AFA are included in the ways to be blacklisted by the national government. What does being blacklisted mean? You will be considered a threat by our established political parties, government or affiliated MUs, and our national government, preventing you from being supplied or supported by any programs or organizations.

The eUS is not anti-immigration. We recognize the importance of bringing new and active people into the country. Our national administration employs many foreign born individuals who didn't always reside in the eUnited States. Our policies are not directed against any particular ethnic group or political opinion, we simply wish to keep track of who enters the country in an organized and efficient manner.

For more detailed instructions on IES procedure, please read these instructions by Dr Luis Sentieiro

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Civil Anarchy, Secretary of Media

Look for new editions of WHPR on Tuesday and Friday.



ligtreb 1,891 jour, 21:59

Voted for America!

stpolar 1,891 jour, 22:36

All the best Amerika

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate 1,891 jour, 22:36


Malpazar 1,891 jour, 22:52


nW0lf 1,892 jour, 23:18

Voted, because PTOs s**k.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 1,892 jour, 00:30



Marsylianka 1,892 jour, 04:59

Commentaire supprimé

fingerguns 1,892 jour, 06:27


You're so ineffective

Hale26 1,892 jour, 08:11


Lansizzle 1,892 jour, 09:26

Voted, because PTOs s**k.


hoss1965 1,892 jour, 11:16


VampirisLav 1,892 jour, 11:50

Rebel against bangasaurus! 'Murican megasoreass the dinosaurus!

MazzyCat 1,892 jour, 12:49

Meow 😉

Jackson Cousteau
Jackson Cousteau 1,892 jour, 17:07

voted and GO GO ATO

bigcdizzle 1,892 jour, 17:12

@FG I think the word you were looking for was Flacid.

Waysted 1,892 jour, 18:04


Made me laugh. thnx!

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras 1,893 jour, 06:21

TBH, Vox is going to be that next Top 5 Party 😛

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