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Logamac For Fed PP

1,846 jour, 07:38 Published in USA États-Unis de logamac

Hello my fellow fed, I am writing this article today to accept and fight for the role of Party President of the Federalist party. I am currently the head of recruitment for the Federalist and I have achieved so much in this role. I want to be more than what I am like all the other candidates. I want to start a golden age for the Federalist party and make the AFA weak.

My Goals:

1) Increase activity and make the party more fun.
2) Weaken or completely wipe the AFA from the top 5 list.
3) Become the second largest party in the USA or if we can the strongest.
4) Create a weekly fed newsletter to show what we have been doing.
5) Hit Ajay with a stick.

Things about me:


I am a dedicated person and that is why I am writing this article today. To show you what I believe we should do to make this country great and safe. This may not be my home but it is my eHome and I want to do it proud. This is why I am against Ajay and his band of PTOers.


I have been told I am a lovely erson in real life and in game. I love being nice and I love being funny. I hope I am funny or entertaining in some way and I want to make everyone smile.


I have been working hard in my current job of being the head of recruitment in the Federalist party and that is the reason why we are growing. I want to put this to the test and help the party even more.

Things I want to introduce:

Weekly Fed Newsletters: This will make the party look active and it will look good for the party. If a party does not show activity and keep quiet about what it is doing no one will join it because it is quiet. Being quiet is boring and we want to be loud.

Fed Immigration Office: The AFA members from other countries may be medal hunters or multi makers but some of them will be great for the eUSA. This immigration office I want to introduce will reduce the flow of unwanted immigrants into the country and it will increase growth for the federalist party. It will mean that the AFA will lose their main source of power and it will make it safer for us to have proper elections.

Fed Radio: I know Duncan C has said this as well but I think it is a great idea. If someone like fingerguns or other great members of the party have time to do this I will be happy to organise this.

Final Words:

I wish all the candidates luck in this election and I hope it is a fair one. Let have fun and I hope the best person wins and that can be anyone.

My Interview:

My Answers:



One Sky
One Sky 1,846 jour, 07:43

Good luck logamac , P/H

Thedark ace
Thedark ace 1,846 jour, 08:47

Looks good

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe 1,846 jour, 09:42

Good luck! 🙂


Sozo 1,846 jour, 10:22

Good luck!

logamac 1,846 jour, 10:30

Thank you.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 1,846 jour, 10:32

No self-respecting person wants to join a party of liars.

American Border Collie
American Border Collie 1,846 jour, 10:39

LOL! eUSA is becoming like Singapore. I'm sure you remember that Logamac. It will be completely be PTO'd by RGR and the Serbs. The loss of resource bonuses only slowed it down. Now that they are gaining congressional seats and CS applications every election, it is inevitable.

I want resource bonuses back.

Also, RGR, I know Logamac is not a liar. If Logamac is a liar, you are the King of Swindling Con Artists!

logamac 1,846 jour, 10:40

No self respecting person wants to join a party of PTOers and mindless ajay slaves.

American Border Collie
American Border Collie 1,846 jour, 10:41

And, I am geographically better poised to hunt down Ajay and beat him mercilessly with a stick.

But, I don't see how that would be of any good. I think I would be better off cutting his Internet line.

logamac 1,846 jour, 10:41

LOL ok part of that comment was happy... I suppose...

Thanks ABC I guess XD

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate 1,846 jour, 13:34

"2) Weaken or completely wipe the AFA from the top 5 list."

I quit reading after that, you think as PP you can do anything about AFA?
Dont get me wrong I hate AFA as much as any loyal American but this is nothing more but promises while you have no influence on these things.

logamac 1,846 jour, 15:16

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

American Border Collie
American Border Collie 1,846 jour, 16:35

Give the kid a break. He's ambitious. There's nothing wrong with a little ambition.

fingerguns 1,846 jour, 19:24

GL logamac

And even if you can't actually accomplish some of this as PP, what people seem to forget is that a good PP sets the tone for the party. Electing someone who is serious about national unity and fighting PTO is always a good thing. It means the entire party will be focused on these issues. Maybe the PP doesn't have the mechanical power to fight the AFA directly, but the huge party of active players that you lead can definitely do some damage.

Ignore the haters. P/H 4 life

EnterAwesome 1,846 jour, 20:31

Ignore the haters. P/H 4 life

prostokreten 1,846 jour, 20:55


capitacommunist101 1,847 jour, 00:46

Good luck as well

Ramilas 1,847 jour, 11:23

GL logamac!

logan Dunleavy
logan Dunleavy 1,847 jour, 15:16

>Trusting logamac
>I seriously hope you guys don't do this

EnterAwesome 1,847 jour, 21:25

"No self-respecting person wants to join a party of liars."

He is so talking about himself here.

logamac 1,848 jour, 23:32

Loghan Dunleavy... are you till annoying me?

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