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RE-ELECT Rolo Tahmasee for Congress - Manitoba

10 Día 882, 19:55 Publicado en Canada Canada

Rolo Tahmasee is running for Re-Election to congress, this time in MANITOBA

I would like to thank the CPF for once again sponsoring my candidacy as a CEP Congressman and all my supporters in last months election

Rolo Tahmasee - Who is he?

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[FR] Rolo for CP - September 2010

8 Día 856, 20:27 Publicado en Canada Canada

"Bonjour à tous les gens de eCanada,

Je voudrais formellement annoncer ma candidature comme CP pour le mois de Septembre.

Je crois avoir la capacité de cheminer eCanada dans la gloire, comme l’a fait Acacia pendant ces derniers mois, afin de

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Rolo For Congress - Quebec

5 Día 855, 19:32 Publicado en Canada Canada

Here is my platform for Congress

I am running as a joint CPF/CEP candidate in the province of Quebec

Rolo Tahmasee - Who is he?
-Field Marshall
-Level 21 exp
-CEP Member (old CEP and new CEP)
-Former member of the CPF in good standing
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Random Thoughts

4 Día 785, 20:50 Publicado en Canada Canada Órdenes de batalla Órdenes de batalla

Thought I'd take the opportunity with my new found free time to write a short diatribe, A history lesson, so to speak, since there are some of those in our community very interested in bringing it up as much as possible and blaming peoples lack of

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Weapons For Soldiers!!! - Donate - CAD, GOLD, Weapons, Everything Helps!!!!!

9 Día 624, 20:08 Publicado en Canada Canada

Update - Day 624 14:23 pst

My goal is to ensure no High Level Soldier wastes his fight, by fighting without weapons

I ensure High level soldiers get weapons as they can do the most DAMAGE!!!!!

Today is the Big day, Please continue sending

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