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WWW: Good time radio. Thanks to all, that was fun!

Día 1,845, 23:30 Publicado en USA Estados Unidos por Candor

Seriously, don't listen with children in the room

Article: Josh Whitehead, World Wide Whitehead
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I spent an hour and a half tonight listening to Josh Whitehead and friends talk, shout and laugh about eRepublik related events.

Guests included Bia Pandora, George Griffin, Mazzy Kat, George Pumkinette, Aeriala and others.

This was the most energy packed radio show I’ve ever listened to!

Josh gave away a 10g prize following some trivia and call ins.

We played “Shots for Pfeiffer”* where the rules were simple: Someone on the radio says Pfeiffer*, we drank. I lost count at 32, and we didn’t even begin till halfway through the show! Some of us were a bit tipsy by the end of the show, but the room didn’t settle down for another hour.

George Griffin "GG" Mafia

I play eRepublik for the community and the fun. I gotta tell you, that was a great two hours of community fun. No Presidents, no politicians, no company lines, just pure opinion. Josh says, "I want to please the hell out of your ears" and he did.

“Holy Hell” as Josh would say. Listen to the podcast. Rants and raves, a bit of serious, a bit of funny. But all community.

Thank you Josh (Mr. Nervous Poop) and everyone else who pitched in tonight, that was a good time.

Dutifully Submitted,

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*For those still playing, that was 33 and 34 bitches.


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Día 1,845, 23:33

This was not properly advertised pre-show....

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Día 1,845, 23:39

Great times tonight and I hope you call in next time! And kudos for the advertising dept for making sure ^ didn't know about it!

Candor Día 1,845, 23:47

I will Bia, but you guys didn't need one more, there was barely a pause! I thought, "Hey, these guys can't fill 90 minutes, it'll mellow out..."


But way cool, I laughed, I cried, I got buzzed.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Día 1,845, 23:48

LOL it's never mellow anymore, always an adventure!

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Día 1,845, 23:48

Voted hard!

Good job on WWW 🙂.

George Griffin
George Griffin Día 1,845, 23:49

Had lots of fun o/

Cody Caine
Cody Caine Día 1,845, 23:49

It was indeed fun.

The.Dude Día 1,845, 00:24

v + s \o/

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Día 1,845, 03:34

Good show. Thanks a lot.
Lord of the geeks.
One freak to rule them all.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Día 1,845, 03:55


Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Día 1,845, 08:13

How could it not be fun, we didn't have to pretend anything.

Zxdek Día 1,845, 08:20

good porgram

KOSOVA Batoa Día 1,845, 13:12


Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Día 1,845, 15:32

Oh you 😃 Thanks for tuning in as always (or for the first time). Too much fun in so little time.

MazzyCat Día 1,845, 15:41

Oh man! Last night was a BLAST!!!!! Meeeoww

pop George
pop George Día 1,845, 18:01

to laugh I guess you first need to know you can

fingerguns Día 1,846, 19:40

The drinking word was 'Pfeiffer' and 90% of the show was about Pfeiffer. Are you guys trying to kill your listeners?! lol

It was a very interesting show. I'm really glad I checked it out.

Candor Día 1,846, 20:57

^^^ That's probably why it seemed so fun. Anything seems fun after 32 shots tehehehehe!

Jon Malcom
Jon Malcom Día 1,846, 22:09

I'll have to listen to it.

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