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The Official Voice of eHungary.
You may contact us at #hu.mofa on Rizon.
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eHungary says 'Dakujem' again to you

32 Day 1,093, 16:24 Published in Slovakia Slovakia

Dear eSlovakian friends!

In the past days, eHungary was erased from the map, even just for a few hours. We are still without our most important regions. But even now, we have to say a very big Dakujem! for the tremendous help of … read more »

Brotherhood for Urals - Brotherhood for Hungary

80 Day 1,093, 15:22 Published in Russia Russia

Dear Russian Friends! Dorogie druzya!

Yesterday a big strategic plan, that was put together after the Romanian conquer of Central Hungary, was successful. In an RW, the combined Phoenix forces liberated Urals, North Caucasus and Volga, and … read more »

Dakujem: eHungary says thank you

43 Day 1,083, 05:24 Published in Slovakia Slovakia

Dear Slovakian friends,

We would like to thank you your great efforts in the battles of the past days, and all the battles since we signed the MPP between our countries. You’ve proved that your are great allies, and trustable friends. There were

read more »

[Hungary] You showed that you are a true ally, and a friend.

28 Day 1,054, 21:42 Published in Germany Germany

Dear brothers,

Germany showed that he is a true ally, and a true friend again. A few days ago our high grain region, Southern Great Plain, has lost against Romania, and the price of the grain increased to 0,1 currency unit. The continuous

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[eHungarian Government] Dear Brothers

50 Day 1,054, 13:29 Published in Serbia Serbia

Hello everybody,

I write for you as an old friend and the president of Hungary. I know you are sad about Liaoning, we lost Hellokitty too (and today Podolia), but we always stand beside you. We fought for you when you asked, and even when you

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