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Jhorlin sells out British Territory to the Argentinians!

35 Day 1,128, 12:08 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Prime Minister and filthy right winger Jhorlin was today in Argentina for a conference about the transfer of sovereignty of the Falkland islands from Britain to Argentina. This horrific and callous … read more »

[IndieKid]- Running for TUP PP

17 Day 1,088, 02:25 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Dear friends,
It is obvious that currently the Unity Party is the dominant force in eUK politics. For over a year, our progressive agenda, practical solutions and likeable candidates have turned us … read more »

An Observer Interview with GGRyan

6 Day 1,080, 08:07 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

On the eve of the one of the most interesting presidential elections in a long time, I bring you with an exculsive interview with the current president, GGRyan. At the end of what has been a … read more »

The Nefarious Plot to destroy the UK

7 Day 1,049, 09:11 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Many of the general public will be wondering why there seems to be no TUP candidate for the presidency this month. If you look to the forums it is because of a screw up with jamesw being in a small … read more »

GGRyan: Denying Accountability and Economic Incompetence?

17 Day 1,046, 07:58 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

At a time of great change and upheaval in eRepublik, what we need at this time is a leader with great leadership skills, and also of equal importance a sense of how the game works and the way the country is run. We need an accountable leader

read more »