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A new Belgian Communist Party?

5 Day 1,006, 17:21 Published in Belgium Belgium

Dear party members and other citizens from eBelgium. I am happy to inform you that the Belgian Communist Party will take a more prominent and active position in the eBelgium political scene!
The recent Party President elections already showed we

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Want Prosperity?

8 Day 998, 16:44 Published in Belgium Belgium

The ptb and pvda have joined forces and have become the BCP (Belgian Communist Party).

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Help bring cheap food to eBelgium!

0 Day 986, 08:37 Published in Belgium Belgium

Since V2 eBelgium has been plagued with expensive food leading our citizens into starvation and misery. New players are discouraged to stay in the game and others saw their savings slowly vanishing.
Because of this the [url=

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Thanks for voting!

0 Day 978, 20:20 Published in Belgium Belgium

And specially if you voted for me 😉

These elections should at least have thought us one thing. The left is here and eBelgium citizens wish change.

Lets give them that!


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A Vegan Program for Congress. Choose Belgium Communist Party!

11 Day 977, 12:06 Published in Belgium Belgium

1. Min wages! Currently min wage workers can not buy food daily. First order of business should be to solve this and make an end to the starvation of our citizens.
To create a fair min wage I suggest that every time food goes up min wages go

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