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Sky Mall: Peace GC Edition

19 Day 687, 15:25 Published in USA USA


Ever wondered how Peace always seems to be one step ahead?
Well I managed to sneak into their HQ - here's what I found...

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O.O He's baaaacckkkk....

35 Day 682, 15:11 Published in USA USA


*Gets more or less serious*

Erm...Anyways, I've decided as I have considerably more free time RL as per when I quit, (whenever that was), that I'm going to --try-- to make it back into the swing of things. ^ ^

Feel free to

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Another One Bites the Dust

21 Day 520, 17:13 Published in USA USA

As some of you may know, I've gone inactive, and may not ever be back on these sites due to RL. I have covered my tracks a few weeks back, such as Gilroy as the new CC. But I'd like to say one last thing before I go. Maybe a few.

1) I'll miss you

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*A Presidential Overview*

11 Day 501, 13:46 Published in USA USA

Here's a little something for all of you who are too lazy to go through walls and walls of text.
I present to you, my (sized down, layman's) platform for April '09.

- A more active military
(Total awesomeness)
- More funding

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Of Allies and Enemies: Where We Stand, and Where We Need to Be

53 Day 495, 12:11 Published in USA USA

I am running my campaign on total honesty, which, whether you like it or not, must be brutal to be true. IJLIV and I believe that sugar coating the truth even a little, will not help us... as a team... as an administration... as a nation.

We, the

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