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6 Day 986, 09:24 Published in South Africa South Africa

I'm quitting eRepublik. I already didn't like the new military module. It's expensive, laggy as hell, and way too big of a time commitment.

Not only that, but I come back from vacation to find South Africa PTO'd again.

It's been fun folks,

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So Long. Farewell.

9 Day 971, 01:09 Published in South Africa South Africa

I have made it my intention to hereby resign from all my posts, military and political, in eSouth Africa and find a home somewhere else.

My time in eSA has been great and I have enjoyed my time here until as of late. Fighting, trolling,

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SAMCP Gold Donations

0 Day 919, 11:04 Published in South Africa South Africa

As per party rules, all SAMCP Congressmen must donate their gold to either the RBSA or the eSAAF, Here are the donations so far:

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1 Day 917, 09:14 Published in South Africa South Africa

Here is the list of SAMCP candidates and how many votes they have. Everyone should be sure to hold their votes as until as late as possible. If you see a "not qualified" candidate, you should think about voting for them!


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SAMCP for Congress

10 Day 915, 08:50 Published in South Africa South Africa

The South African Military Capitalist Party wants your vote! We only have the best in mind for eSouth Africa economically, socially, and militarily! Our Congressional candidates are guaranteed to be active and helpful players who will be

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