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[SFP] I have a dream

35 Day 3,261, 23:54 Published in USA USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

SFP all the way!

This is our list. Full of active and nice people ready to serve and change our nation … read more »

Epic failure

37 Day 2,532, 10:29 Published in Poland Poland First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

A friend wrote this

I am going to be short:

As we saw today and on Tuesday, we the … read more »

Red Coats

27 Day 2,202, 02:09 Published in Slovenia Slovenia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

A fine UK military unit

After the legendary Legion dissolved many military units in the UK gained members.
This shaked things a bit up in the UK.

This morning we saw these UK top 5 military … read more »

eUK in ePoland

19 Day 2,084, 07:07 Published in Poland Poland Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

British Expats

Today I saw a surprise. The ePolish party I am member of is renamed to British Expats. Party President Commander Dapper wants a party for Party for … read more »

TUP Family prize winners day 1,870

4 Day 1,872, 09:05 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

The best of TUP Family
This is my last issue. I am retired now.
It has been fun to do this and I hope you liked it.

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