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Day 2 of eSwitzerland

10 Day 2,424, 04:24 Published in Switzerland Switzerland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Greetings eSwitzerland,
The results of the second day: -eSwitzerland just reached the second national target:75 gold!Now we have in total 1,975 Gold. Congrats everyone! -eSwitzerland is on top25 with 1,947,993,115 Damage and 110.70%% 😃read more »

New World Cup Final

7 Day 2,421, 08:20 Published in Switzerland Switzerland Battle orders Battle orders

New World Cup Final is, as the name suggests, a final for the winners of the New World Cup: Argentina, Chile, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Turkey. However, the tournament will also include a Global competition for all

read more »

Sunday, July 6 International Kissing Day 2014

3 Day 2,420, 01:28 Published in Switzerland Switzerland Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Forever alone 😛read more »

[eAlbania Embassy] Politics&Party's

9 Day 2,402, 00:19 Published in Switzerland Switzerland Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

This is my report for eAlbania embassy on eSwitzerland Parties&Politics.
My last report you can … read more »

Brazilian Sabotage Missions [Day 2394]

14 Day 2,394, 08:40 Published in Switzerland Switzerland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Brazilian Sabotage Missions [Day 2394]

[img][/img] … read more »