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Azi in Timisoara, maine-n toata tara !

15 Day 1,096, 01:43 Published in Romania Romania

Atentiune !

Diseara, incepand cu orele 19:00, la [url= more »

Budapest - have no phear Romania is here !

35 Day 1,081, 12:40 Published in Romania Romania

On 4th of august 1919 Romanian army conquer Budapest...

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Future eRepublik map

13 Day 1,070, 09:46 Published in Romania Romania

eMap is changing almost everyday. Regions are changing owner day by day. It’s pretty sure that we will never have a moment of peace, that if admins do not intervene in the game (Ya, sure !).

I have five options for the future map:

a) The
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eRepublik : Priceless [Funny]

10 Day 1,066, 00:07 Published in Romania Romania

q5 Food : 5.43 RON

q5 Tank : 50.6 RON

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Is this the end for Phoenix ?

75 Day 1,063, 12:01 Published in Romania Romania

In the last two weeks Phoenix had lost some important regions to EDEN. Today Slovenia was erased from the map and another two Phoenix states are on the edge, Russia and Turkey each have only one region left. Is this the end for them ?

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