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Prague News are Czech conservative newspapers since 2008.

German independence

5 Day 363, 08:05 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic

Germans will start independence soon after new war module will be implented, because cost will be not 300 but 50+ golds according population of region. So these who want help them should move to regions which border upon Brandenburg region or

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Stupid children

11 Day 361, 01:23 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic

I published previous article to stimulate negotiations and give informations to Czech citizens about it. Well, I failed miserably, I only stimulated emotions and arrogance by both sides. I feel partly responsible for it, but for ruining of

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Slovaks lost confidence in Czechs/Slováci jsou zklamáni

26 Day 359, 08:22 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic

Slovaks are dissapointed by current Czech administration. Majority of them worked in the Czech republic for long time, improving GDP and made contributions in companies, newspapers and politics. They expected that Czech Republic will

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Gifting system

1 Day 353, 02:53 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic

To raise our productivity in V1, we need not only fine house and food, but also getting gifts. I have quite problem here, nobody sending me gifts besides Parrot who sent me one time 2 gifts. With buying and sending gifts we poor should improve our

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Politics in the e-Czech Republic

5 Day 347, 09:40 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic

I want introduce you my post published on eCzech right union forum (, only little modified:

Current situation in politics is somewhat chaotic, I

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