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A publication produced on a random basis, subscribing, voting, and commenting will all encourage me to write more!

And I'm Backkkk, and Bruce Willis your still a d***

11 Day 1,609, 16:35 Published in Canada Canada Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

After what has been almost 2 years, I'm back. 99% of you won't remember me, then again I didn't leave much of a legacy. … read more »

Confessions and Da End

12 Day 992, 12:34 Published in Canada Canada

Hmm, I don't have any, at least I don't think I do

I ask you players of erep, what is the point of playing anymore?
If I want porn, I shall got to a site
If I want to be hacked, I shall click on ads on that site
If I want to be lied
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Money makes eCanadians unhappy,and can even kill!

12 Day 984, 20:14 Published in Canada Canada

Today I was looking around at profiles, I noticed that the notorius Pimpdollaz, known for his financial scams and what not, turns out he is a very "unhappy" camper.
<img src=" more »

The Revolution begins, and fun starts! Join today!

14 Day 983, 16:55 Published in Canada Canada

My fellow eCanadians, are you bored? Do you find yourself wondering the battlefield looking for something to do? Is TCO or CAF not giving you enough to do?

Then join the Canadian Revolution Militia

[img]http://www.[/img] … read more »

Dropping out of the race

13 Day 981, 17:55 Published in Canada Canada

I Bill Forder, am dropping out of the Presidential Race, the failboat is sunk and will not be arisen for a while

Wait, What!

Yes, I have decided to drop out, so I read more »