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Ranger thanks Admin, eAustralia, and the eWorld...

19 Day 596, 04:04 Published in Australia Australia


I felt I needed to post an article thanking you all for the incredible amount of support I received.

On Monday I was absolutely devastated. I had drafted and was about to submit my resignation from the Cabinet, and had already decided

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Wargames on again!!

3 Day 591, 19:44 Published in Australia Australia

Hello eAustralia

Once again there are wargames on - these go for another 16 hours and (roughly) 25 minutes from the time of this post.

You have an opportunity to get two rounds of fighting in both today (day 591) and tomorrow (day 592).


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zaneism: The True Path...

17 Day 588, 01:37 Published in Australia Australia

In the beginning. The eWorld existed in darkness, without form, host or eBeer.
Then zaney came and He looked upon the darkness and raised forth his eHand.
He raised forth His mighty eHand and said - "let there be eAustralia!"
And eAustralia
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Day 580 - 581 : WARGAMES NOW ON!!!

1 Day 580, 15:51 Published in Australia Australia

Yet again Citizens, it is time to...




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Day 576-577: WAR GAMES ON NOW!

1 Day 576, 18:31 Published in Australia Australia

Fight e-Aus! Yet another set of War Games on NOW!


Or, see


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