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6 Day 1,092, 19:05 Published in Canada Canada

22:25 MaryChan wasn't it your newspaper that brought us closer together? 😛

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Try and stop us

25 Day 1,091, 14:12 Published in Canada Canada

Fox Blutch, you seem to think you can end what you call the era of lulz.

Your pompous and arrogant attitude is exactly what encourages such an era.

You can ban us from the forums. You can ban us from IRC.

But you sure as hell can't stop

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I am not Anglophone. I am not Francophone. I am Crimsonphone

25 Day 1,090, 15:59 Published in Canada Canada

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Advice from your superior ~ DO NOT join the CAF

46 Day 1,089, 15:07 Published in Canada Canada

They use our tax dollars to fund their small select closed group. They use their position in government to bully other people and organizations. The people in it are happy...but only because they leave the regular citizen robbed of their tax dollars,

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Keep it Coming, You've almost done it for Mary Chan

3 Day 1,089, 07:07 Published in Canada Canada

Coincidentally...69 votes when I checked 😉

When we reach 100 Mary Chan will be amply rewarded. letsss gooooooooooo

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