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Finland and raw materials

20 Day 1,435, 22:42 Published in China China Financial business Financial business


This is the first time my I publish my newspaper in China, but unfortunately I don't speak Chinese so I'll write in English.

The population of Finland has been steadily growing after the recent babyboom and we're now at almost 4000

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Taloutta aloittelijoille

3 Day 1,429, 21:49 Published in Finland Finland First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

eRepublik pyörii varsin paljon varallisuuden ympärillä. Rahalla saa taisteltua enemmän, kasvatettua strengthia nopeammin mutta ennen kaikkea - kasvatettua omia tuloja. Omien tulojen kasvattaminen mahdollistaa sen, ettet syö taistelemisessa omaa pesä

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Eduskuntavaaliehdokkuuteni toukokuu/2010

11 Day 917, 02:08 Published in Finland Finland

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Contracts involving countries - have they ever really been valid?

23 Day 736, 02:48 Published in USA USA

The article series The ABC of Getting Rich will be continuing shortly, I apologize for the postponement. In the meantime, read this article - it teaches a very important lesson about contracts for company owners as well.

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The ABC of Getting Rich - Companies for sale, bargains on gold mines! - Part 2/2

8 Day 725, 23:11 Published in USA USA

First of all: a big thank you to all my subscribers, yesterday I got the Media Mogul award!

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