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Sorry for the absence

20 Day 968, 14:07 Published in Austria Austria

Hey guys, sorry for the long absence.

I'll try to make it quick.

I was absent because I had my exams and didn't come online for anything during that time except for revision.

After exams, I was partying with my friends and didn't come

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To All New Players and Dying Citizens

7 Day 910, 08:26 Published in Austria Austria

If you are a new player or a dying citizen of eAustria (wellness below 40), please send me a message, and a fellow worker or I will send you food aid.

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Austrian Food Aid Workers

9 Day 908, 05:57 Published in Austria Austria

The value of the ATS unstable, and our monetary market is very low. We have high levels of inflation and many products are becoming too expensive for our lower-level players. One of these products is Food, the basis of eLife.


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A Message from Richie to the Croatian TO

5 Day 908, 01:31 Published in Austria Austria

A Message from Richie to the Croatian TO...

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24 Day 902, 09:46 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

So I've been sent a message by admin that I can't do this newspaper anymore because its 'spam' and not related to eRepublik.

Sorry 🙁

Edit: But I will speak up every now and then to talk about ingame stuff, and try to post pictures related

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