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Are you still alive? Crazy Man is!

33 Day 916, 07:58 Published in Romania Romania

Are you still alive? If not I will make sure you will be! Crazy Man is running
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110 Day 887, 11:05 Published in Poland Poland

[ I am posting in the polish media because you guys have a lot of votes, this article needs to get in International TOP5! Vote this article and re-establish EDEN as a strong
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WW5: Poland, USA, Hungary, Romania, Russia and more!

55 Day 885, 12:04 Published in Poland Poland

This is all fictional, nothing in this article should be considered as real actual fact.

[ My previous article contained lines which could have been considered
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Dementu Club is looking for new investors!

17 Day 869, 09:38 Published in Romania Romania

Dear readers, I want to announce that Dementu Club is looking for new investors!

Dementu Club is a corporation which has been active for
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The Gods that surround us!

32 Day 851, 05:28 Published in Romania Romania

Alas, eRepublik is starting to mirror real life with each passing day, it is time to address religion in a more serious matter.

eRepublik citizens have
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