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Quick Tutorial for New Players

4 Day 3,457, 01:50 Published in Ireland Ireland First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

In eRepublik there is basically 3 routes one can take

1. Strength Train to become a low division tank. In this option you will need to complete your Training Grounds and train daily. This will mean you gain 33507 strength a year.

To be a

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When last did we see a CP article?

15 Day 3,456, 16:57 Published in Ireland Ireland Financial business Financial business

Lets start with Machiavelli. He never even thanked the people that voted for him in the elections. No CP articles. Technically there was no way Kattia could lose the elections therefore in 3 days why was there nothing by her.

Is it only me or

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There is no magic in Money(cc)

9 Day 3,456, 09:04 Published in Ireland Ireland Financial business Financial business

Money in your account does not magically help people or pay for Training ground upgrades or buy supplies or help increase the fun people have in this game.

It does not fight wars on it own. It does not help players expand their footprint in this

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The krakken comments about the elect Tins.

7 Day 3,454, 04:00 Published in Ireland Ireland Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Short Version

Long Version


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The Dude

13 Day 3,451, 15:55 Published in Ireland Ireland Battle orders Battle orders

The dude does not care for your politics!

The Dude is the replacement of the Irish Army which was killed by the government on DAY 3451. As no longer national army we threw away the descriptive term Irish Army as the term IRISH ARMY always

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