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[LLD] Meet the Congressman

5 Day 2,199, 00:47 Published in India India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Congrats to new Congressman .

I am Party President of Last line Of Defense . So today i thought i should do some party work.....I am finding difficult to do party works as I am current Minister of defense and in the middle of wars. Apart from

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[MoD] Battle Orders 2195-2196

17 Day 2,195, 22:06 Published in India India Battle orders Battle orders

Be ready - we at war with Pakistan. \o/

Kashmir hamara hai

Dhud mangoge toh kheer denge , Kashmir mangoge toh cheeeer denge ...xD


Battle orders-
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[MoD] Pak NE - Official Statement

28 Day 2,195, 06:47 Published in India India Battle orders Battle orders

Moments ago Pakistan proposed a law

As of now the law is passing with ease

As a response to this law proposal , our President has proposed NE law on Pakistan.

War time emergencies has been

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[Hamturk] From Poodle to Titan

36 Day 2,194, 11:43 Published in India India Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment


Congo to Hamturk on becoming first Titan from India

Hammy doing hi5 on his achievement
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[MoD] Battle Orders Day 2,194

7 Day 2,194, 01:21 Published in India India Battle orders Battle orders

Day 2,194 Nov 22

Campaign of the Day -

Primary -
Fight For Montenegro against Albania - Fight now

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