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Ambassadors Wanted - New and Old

11 Day 732, 16:23 Published in Ireland Ireland


(Yes, this is a repost, please, please apply, or you will be seeing this article every single day )

We have recently noticed that there has been a decrease in the number of ambassador reports coming into FA Central, and we thought

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Ambassadors Wanted - New and Old

13 Day 728, 14:12 Published in Ireland Ireland

Hello all,

It's me back in the MoFA! I couldnt stand the week away so at the earliest available oppurtunity I jumped back in! Just a short article this time, and I'm too tired for most erep plus-ities 🙁


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[MoFA]Ireland's new alignment

25 Day 727, 11:02 Published in Ireland Ireland

Recently it has been passed through the dail to change neutrality status of eIreland. I proposed this as i felt "neutrality" didn't describe us best. The proposal was to change it from "Neutral" to "read more »

[MoFA]Country Factfile: Italy + News!

13 Day 723, 13:27 Published in Ireland Ireland


Some of my Finnish friends asked me if 5 players from Ireland would like to take part in a Online Ice Hockey Match. The times are still to be arranged i just wondered if you could comment to say you read more »

[MoFA]Broaden your Horizons! - Country Factfile: Finland

9 Day 722, 12:55 Published in Ireland Ireland

<img src="">
Broaden your Horizons - This term as MoFA i am focusing on broadening the Irish Citizen's horizons in the read more »