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Guerilla Fight guide

9 Day 1,925, 07:15 Published in Poland Poland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

A few pics for those who can't see it:

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Random article

2 Day 1,911, 01:51 Published in Poland Poland Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Hi! I'm bored so I'm writing a random article in my old newspaper. If you don't like that I spam the media with such pointless shit, feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks!

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How does Argrob fight?

19 Day 1,434, 21:09 Published in Poland Poland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

I was checking the statistics of the recently ended epic Baja battle in Mexico and I've come to some interesting conclusion. Of course the overall results of the top 2 fighters on the EDEN side are more than enough impressive.


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Fight RED in Najran!

23 Day 1,367, 23:06 Published in Poland Poland Battle orders Battle orders

Of course you don't have to travel to Iran, but if you happen to be there, please fight on rebel side in Najran! According to an [url=

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Az új fejlesztésekről

3 Day 1,339, 09:43 Published in Serbia Serbia First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Ez most ilyen trendi cikk lesz, amit mindenki írni szokott, ha új fejlesztések jelennek meg. Szóval semmi különleges megállapítás, vagy meghökkentő bug, csak néhány véleményt szeretnék megosztani, ami hirtelen eszembe jutott a mai újításokat meglá

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