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eRomanian & eHungarian TOP5 battle stats in Erdély [Final results]

28 Day 1,218, 11:19 Published in Hungary Hungary

First of all I want to say a big thanks to our Friends whose fought for us!

proud Hungarian citizen

Round 1 - eRomania won

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Please Help Destroy Mordor! Make eHistory!

13 Day 1,217, 11:18 Published in Hungary Hungary

Frissítés: ÜSSDDDDDDDDD!!!!

Free Romanian hospitals! / Román kórházak listája! avagy falusi turizmus
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Most ez komoly?

24 Day 1,212, 04:26 Published in Hungary Hungary

Bogdan Adamut >>

Munkahelyek: Web Tester for

Család: Fiútestvér - Mihai Adamut >>

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Please Help!

15 Day 1,203, 14:23 Published in Romania Romania


My friend banned

"Dear Admins!

I want to write to you in the name of my companion. Bortam was banned because of a comment, in which he wrote about a rival game. Yes, he admitted, that at this time he broke the rules. But, we do think

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[Update] Gotcha!

59 Day 1,115, 02:04 Published in Romania Romania


originale article:

Maramures was conquered

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