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Propaganda/ Great succes!

4 Day 1,001, 08:41 Published in USA USA

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Major game flaw!

1 Day 1,000, 08:20 Published in USA USA

I noticed when my friend was making an account that the chat room isn't available until after your first day, WTFH admins are you stupid! the chat is how most people were retained you cockling!

By eliminating it you



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THe uip's primary prediciment.

4 Day 998, 18:48 Published in USA USA

So I wrote this article as a "what if article".

For those who didnt know the uip pp primary is between

Pheno Sozak



Now as I am writing this they both remain tied at 11 a piece.if it remains this way through

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Does the republican party embody erepublik?

3 Day 998, 13:59 Published in USA USA

I am writing this article out of admiration for the Erepublicans of america.

Sore this party is a controversial clusterfuck but no party I have witnessed has such a large percent of it being active in it's forums and in game, though very

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Post ads on the CNN website.

1 Day 997, 11:55 Published in USA USA

The admins in my opinion should post ads on political website because really I'm sure that this game would become huge in America on those lil' cnn websites

Sure we would probably get 150 Ajay bruno, ultra republican uber lier faces but heh, 150

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