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Libs! Cons! Osama bin Laden Is Dead! Don't Screw Up the Celebration!

6 Day 1,259, 00:03 Published in Bolivia Bolivia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

The Arjay Phoenician Blog
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REQUIEM FOR A WANNABE HERO: Arjay Phoenician Says Goodbye!

53 Day 1,216, 22:34 Published in Bolivia Bolivia

This is Noah. He is my grandson. He’s 18 months old. He likes tools and cars and going for walks around the neighborhood with his … read more »

The Conversion of Arjay to Dioism

31 Day 1,128, 22:23 Published in Bolivia Bolivia

Please understand, I was working on other things concerning my career at eRepublik. I’ve been considering ways the Bolivian community could undermine the … read more »

Lord of the Flies and eRepublik

32 Day 1,122, 21:30 Published in Bolivia Bolivia

PREFACE & TL;DR ALERT: I’ve been meaning to write this article for a long time. After dealing with the Argentine PTO group, the Pindonga (translates into English as “prostitute”), for the last several weeks, I’m reminded of the concept; read more »

Nine Citizens in the Bolivian Community. Is that all? Really?!

28 Day 1,122, 14:41 Published in Bolivia Bolivia

TL;DR ALERT: This article discusses yesterday’s party elections in Bolivia. While the world is rooting for Bolivia to thwart the Pindonga and reclaim their right to govern their own country, low voter turnout is not the way to do it. Being read more »