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[ВОТ]Паравоенни - Важна информация!

12 Day 1,543, 16:47 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Здравейте, приятели!

От днес нататък официално Паравоенните отряди се водят от трима души с равни права.
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Emerick Writes!

45 Day 1,147, 14:16 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria

Should I, too?

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Goodbye and Thanks for All the Fish

137 Day 891, 22:23 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria

Dear friends,

By the time this letter reaches you, I will most likely be stone cold dead and blue from asphyxiation. My time has come. After a year and a half playing this god forsaken game it is time for me to bid you farewell. As I am not the

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79 Day 887, 17:45 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria

Официално обявявам, че ще се кандидатирам за президент на следващите избори. Смятам със Сърбия и Унгария да трошим румънски и хърватски кокали.

Благодаря за вниманието.

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The Real Reasons behind the Attacks on Poland

32 Day 884, 12:57 Published in Poland Poland

Balls Out, the Hank Scorpio Story

As many might have noticed, earlier today Russia attacked Poland. I would like to spend a minute to enlighten you as to the real reasons … read more »