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Tomorrow, 1st General Order and Party Officer Positions

2 Day 1,089, 17:18 Published in USA USA

Tomorrow remember to vote for me in the party elections, because i assume that i will win below is the 1st General Order I will be giving out to our party as well as the job descriptions for the party officers. If you are interested

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Lets Get the Ball Rolling Now

1 Day 1,085, 20:32 Published in USA USA

My fellow Technocrats, in just five days I will hopefully assume the possibility of Party President. With this rank in out party I plan to fix our party and make our party begin to slowly climb up the ranks. I plan to restructure the party, by

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More Party Involvement

1 Day 1,083, 16:48 Published in USA USA

In case many of my fellow Technocratics have forgotten, we do have a forum. The forum is vile to our party to set goals, carry out a militia, connect as a party, and have more of a social interaction within eRep. Our

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Back in the eUSA

2 Day 1,071, 11:01 Published in USA USA

home sweet home

After my month break in eGermany and the crazy weeks that i spent at boot camp in the RL, i am finally back to playing … read more »