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This is what happens in August (the IT department is in vacation)

Link to print-screen

The error is still there, just try to access the game over https.

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interviu cu un fost presedinte - Valahian.

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[20:12] <evelea> salutari
[20:12] <Valahian> salve
[20:12] <evelea> am cateva intrebari pentru … read more »

Daca esti in Dobrogea - citeste aici inainte sa lupti!

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In lupta pornita de Bulgaria Romania a cedat Dobrogea Bulgariei.
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Romanians are here

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This is my first article.

Just wanted to record the fact that lots of eRomanians moved to SwEDEN to help our valuable allies.

Now, where are our allies' promises?

Would love if you could

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