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After 2 Years...I Quit! Who Wants My Stuff?

304 Day 947, 14:57 Published in USA USA

On July 9th, I will be 2 years old on Erep, and on that day, I will quit Erep forever. I leave behind a legacy of not really giving a sh*t and talking a lot of sh*t, which is pretty much all that you can do in this retarded concept of a game.


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45 Day 476, 11:33 Published in USA USA

Due to our attack on Mexico, we are bound by the laws of ATLANTIS to pay each member 100 gold for making the attack without the permission of the alliance. This old, broken system has not worked in the past, with Spain and Romania not paying for

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North Dakota Congressional Elections

3 Day 427, 20:06 Published in USA USA

So the first thing that you will probably ask is: dubi in North Dakota? WTF? Sure, I've asked myself the same question. Do I have a good answer?, as that would simply be the bourbon talking. I'm not going to try some razzle dazzle

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Unsubscribe to Benn's Paper! Mass Movement!

29 Day 416, 14:33 Published in USA USA

DISCLAIMER: The following was a joke, and done in good humor to get Benn past his 1,000 subscriber mark. Hateful comments are hilarious, as always. Continue...

As Benn closes in on the coveted 1,000 subscriber total, I'm starting a national "

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Virginia Congressional Election

4 Day 394, 06:59 Published in USA USA

Citizens of Virginia,

I am officially placing myself on the upcoming Congressional ballot for Virginia. Aside from being forced to move for a short time to Florida to support our great nation in war against our enemies, I have been a Virginian,

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