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The truth about the German campaign.

13 Day 1,245, 15:03 Published in Belgium Belgium Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Greetings Belgium,

A few days back, the government published an article that described a plan with the Germans. Now I’ll quickly summarize what

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Mittekemuis for [ula]united left aliance : join us.

6 Day 1,242, 03:48 Published in Belgium Belgium Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Hello eBelgium, ULA is calling you 🙂

My dear fellow citizens of eBelgium as you all know it is party … read more »

“Knowing ONEs friends”

26 Day 1,229, 07:00 Published in Belgium Belgium

“Knowing ONEs friends” - “Запознавање со ОНЕ пријателите” - “Poznając przyjaciół” - ”Para todos nuestros amigos ONE” - “Minden ONE barátnak” - “Weten wie je vrienden zijn” - “A tous nos amis d’ONE”

As citizen of Belgium…
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The Joy of eLife!

15 Day 1,221, 09:46 Published in Belgium Belgium

The Joy of eLife

Today I feel like celebrating my eLife.
No it isn’t my birthday…
No I didn’t get any medals..
No I didn’t win any major election..
Today I celebrate elife itself!

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5 Day 1,220, 12:39 Published in Belgium Belgium

Greetings voters,

We, members and candidates for congress of ULA;

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