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NWC final supply financial report

2 Day 2,431, 22:38 Published in Japan Japan Financial business Financial business

Greetings eJapan!

This is a summary of competition.

I got 2*10000 cc from Bank of Japan: 1. donation 2.donation


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NWC final final supply day 2428

2 Day 2,428, 00:09 Published in Japan Japan Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Greeting eJapan!!

Now we reached NWC final final day:D

On day 2426 were 258 q7 and 16000 energy distributed. (sum: 3131.4 cc)
On day 2426 were 118 q7 and 8000 energy distributed. (sum: 1456.52 cc)

Google docs after competition...

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NWC final supply day 2426-27

5 Day 2,425, 23:53 Published in Japan Japan Battle orders Battle orders

Greetings eJapan!

Good work, the next goal reach 300%!!!

On day 2424 were 246 q7 and 12996 energy distributed. (sum: 2968.47 cc)
On day 2425 were 172 q7 and 10600 energy distributed. (sum: … read more »

NWC final supply day 2424-25

2 Day 2,423, 23:43 Published in Japan Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Greetings eJapan!

The test supply was over on day 2423. Supply will continue...

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New World Cup Final Supply

14 Day 2,422, 22:35 Published in Japan Japan Battle orders Battle orders

Hi eJapan!

Now begun the New World Cup final and Japan and Japanesse people can prizes win.

The grovernment voted the supply for all eJapan people.
You can daily weapon and food request.


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