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Gifts for 2013

81 Day 1,876, 06:14 Published in USA USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

As result of the New Year , Plato forgot to give us presents and we were very dissapointed , but in honor of the New 2013 I've decided to share some food even though I was a bit late !

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New Top Damage in a campaign

71 Day 1,817, 04:04 Published in USA USA Financial business Financial business

As result of my new Top damage in a campaign wich is almost 1.8M
I decided to share food , every V+S will have 50 q5 food !
Finished , I would like to give more but I am very lazy


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Top MU-s ( Divided in divisions and overall influence for the day )

8 Day 1,714, 12:56 Published in Albania Albania Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Top 20 MU-s of Division 1 :

Top 20 MU-s of Division 2 :

Top 20 MU-s of Division 3 :

Top 20 MU-s

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